Dana White on roster cuts: There’s 100 more guys that are gonna go, it’s not over


After the extremely controversial decision to cut 16 fighters from the UFC had media, fans and fighters a like in complete shock, Dana White recently dropped another bombshell after informing reporters at the UFC 157 Press Conference that the recent decision was just the beginning:

“There’s 100 more guys that are gonna go. It’s not over. We have 475 guys under contract. We have over 100 guys too many. We have over 100 guys too many on the roster right now. What’s going to happen is, if you lose, the blood has not all been spilled yet. There’s more coming.”

With a serious influx of fighters added to the Zuffa roster via the WEC, Strikeforce and the introduction of 3 new weight divisions, it was only a matter of time before the company found itself overloaded on employee’s, without having a sufficient amount of events and ways to display their skills and provide them opportunities in the immediate future.

While White didn’t exactly come out and say it bluntly, he did vaguely make some reference to the particular type of fighters the UFC would be interested in keeping:

“What you should do is try to go out and be the best in the world. And you should try to go out and whup everybody’s ass and impress them. It depends on how much money you want to make. If you want to go around and lay on people, how many people are beating down the door to see any of those guys fight again?”

Although the cuts may have seemed rather cold, calculated and in some cases impersonal due to the fact that they were announced via Twitter and not communicated to the fighter directly, Dana has remained remorseful and apologetic regarding how it was handled:

“That was 100 percent my fault, I take full responsibility for it and I apologize for it. Because first of all, Vladimir Matyushenko, I’ve known him since we bought this company, I love that guy, I respect him very much as a fighter and have a great relationship with him. It’s bothered me for the last two days that I did that to these kids, to find out on Twitter, or through somebody else that you were cut, instead of getting the phone call first. I really do apologize to all the guys that happened to.”

And for those who had nothing but negative things to say regarding White’s decision. For those who like many, wondered why fighters like Dan Hardy and Leonard Garcia remained on the roster with less than stellar records, Dana had the following to say”

“Guys lose some fights and, you know what, Dan Hardy puts it out there all the time, we’re going to keep Dan Hardy.  I’m going to keep Leonard Garcia because the guy’s got heart. He comes in to fight. And then you get into a situation where, you’ve got a lot of guys here. I tell the guys on The Ultimate Fighter, every one of you are going to fight on the card. You get in these situations sometime. You go on a f— skid in this business, you gotta go, and you gotta go win some fights and come back. No different than it’s ever been since day one in this company.”

  • I think The Spyda needs to be cut next! Kendall The Spyda Gill that is

    • Umm….Kendall Grove was cut from the UFC back in 2011…just thought I should inform you

      • i think this are the best fighters that shouldn't been cut, dan "the beast" savern now known as eddie mercury, the dean of mean keith jardine now known as the faggot guy, phil baroni new york bad ass now known as the ass in new york. ken shamrock the most dangerous man now known as dangerous in the cr. This people shouldn;t be cut. frank shamrock also who is now known the shamerock dude.

        • What do you mean Jardine and Baroni shouldn't have gotten cut?! Jardine lost 4 in a row and was knocked out in 2 of those 4 losses! And Baroni didn't even win a fight or a round imo in his last UFC stint!

  • I mean Grove

    • Kendall Gill? This is hilarious watching this kid struggle and make a fool of himself.

  • When are they going to cut this bald headed douchebag from the roster. Vince Mcmahon wannabe throwing his money and authority around as if he has a bit of actual toughness in him at all. Constantly contradicting himself and acting like an immature child. This man did not make MMA what it is the fans and the fighters did. Pride, WEC, Strikeforce and Bellator have all played a role in MMA development and popularity and all have solid fan bases. I am not denying this guy helped MMA grow but he did it in the most selfish and disrespectful way. I would like to see Randy Coutour or Rampage Jackson give Dana White one good solid punch to the face. That's all it would take.

    • Rant over so can't wait for Hendo vs Machida.

    • I'm definitely not the biggest White fan, but he can't be the only one behind these cuts.

      • Dana doesnt need a barber, one less cut there 8P

      • Well yes but the other thing is that there is SOME truth to what Dana says. You can't add guys endlessly and never gut. These guys are fighting for their jobs not only literally but figuratively too. They always have and they've always known it. That's just the way the business is… But, the cutting should be done in private first with the goal of preserving dignity. Every one of these fighters has a family and friends of some sort they will have to face. In addition, there should be a severance to help them land on their feet. Lastly I can't see why the UFC can't have a relationship with regional fight org's that function like "the minors".

        Sorry for any typos – I'm on the iPhone 🙁

  • If you can sit here and name all 450 odd fighters on the UFC roster then 100 fighters should not be cut…..Skimming 100 fighters off 8 weight classes isn't a big deal. Thats only around twelve guys in each division you probably never cared about anyway..

    Carrying a 100 guys under contract and paying their medicals add up. Hopefully now the UFC can offer their slimmer roster a better deal with the savings….or maybe not !

    • are you kidding me? That is more than 20% of the fighters, I understand the decision, even the way they have decided who stays and who goes, but there is a 100 fighters out there getting cut, it is like the UFC is going into survival mode, if this was a car manufacturing company even the government would have something to say, this is what not having other big organizations implies, I feel sorry for the fighters.

    • I'll give you a cool for being a "glass half full" guy.

      In a perfect world this would mean more better fighters stay, but I find it hard to make that leap after getting rid of Volkman and Fitch to keep Hardy and Garcia.

      • Because Hardy and Garcia are more entertaining. Dana explained the cuts really well. Guys that put it all on the line and make a great show for the fans are obviously guys the ufc wants.

      • @Evan…

        The UFC need a few poster boys from the UK, Michael bisping, Dan Hardy and Ross pearson to get that market excited..Thats the only reason i can think of why hardy remained safe unlike alot of other guys.
        UFC are just marketing now to geographic regions…If Fitch was british he probably would have stayed on the roster. the us market already has enough fighters competing for the spotlight in that division. Thats why i think they are more disposable.

      • Evan said""I'll give you a cool for being a "glass half full" guy."

        I'm not your guy, buddy, I'm not your buddy pal, I'm not your pal, guy -I'm not your guy, friend. I'm not your friend, pal. I'm not your pal.

        SouthPark ruined me 8D 8P

    • BTW if they cut 12 from each division, womens division will be gone, fly weight will be gone, half of the bantam weight will be gone and almost half of the HW division will be gone, so as a matter of fact is a damn big problem.

  • Dana white is killing the sport, we buy out or competition and the lay off 25% of our workers. The lack of competition for the UFC really makes it tough for the fighters.

  • ian

    Instead of starting a useless womens division you shouldve not wasted money on that. but oh well ppv numbers will speak for themselves come saturday night

  • Now would be a good time to still have Strikeforce.

  • With the UFC's current schedule, if every fighter was to fight 3 times a year then they could only have 264 fighters on the roster.

    I think it's fair to cut 100 fighters because there is plenty of guys not really UFC caliber, my problem is cutting guys like Fitch who are elite.

  • yeaaaa, Pahlares is gone too lol

  • Wow after reading this i feel really sorry and sad for the individuals that are going to be cut, the UFC is turning into something i really do not like anymore I know its a business but damn show some franken heart you leeches

    • yea, like Michael said, a little more subtlety would be nice for their futures in the sport.

      • This type of situation is why I felt they should have kept Strikeforce around. I was saying that ever since they first acquired SF.

        They could have sent all these people to SF and still put on great cards, allowing them another chance to move back up in to the UFC, while still keeping them under contract and making money off of them.

        It would have been good for everyone. No clue why they didn't go through with it…

  • They are probably cutting fighters to get money to offer Anderson Silva/Jon Jones