Dana White On Diaz vs. Bisping: I Love That Fight


Last night the rumor mill concerning supposedly retired UFC welterweight Nick Diaz was busted wide open when his friend and training partner Gilbert Melendez said that Diaz would return for the right fight.

When that information when presented to longtime UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping (who is currently recovering from a detached retina), “The Count” was quick to throw his name into the mix by offering to fight Diaz at 185 lbs.

Today, UFC President Dana White responded by stating his support for that potential bout, tweeting his feelings this morning:

There’s been no word from Diaz to this point, and it’s still unknown when Bisping will be medically cleared to step into the Octagon. However, if these hurdles are cleared and the UFC somehow signs this bout, it would no doubt be a huge draw with two of the best boxers in MMA set to face off.

Diaz has fought predominantly at welterweight throughout his accomplished career, and is know to stay in top physical shape by competing in triathlons. It’s unclear if he desires to step up a weight class. Diaz was previously rumored to be fighting Lyoto Machida, a rumor that was quickly shot down by White, who deemed it, “A bad idea.”

Diaz vs. Bisping could be a much better idea, because it would undoubtedly feature two of the most outspoken trash talkers in MMA. While no direct title implications would be on the line if the fight transpires, that wouldn’t matter much to the massive following of both combatants.

What do you think about Diaz vs. Bisping? Would it be a fight that you would be willing to buy a pay-per-view for?

  • I love that fight too…

  • Me too!

  • actual, i love every fight with diaz. they could even sell me wolf tickets and i would watch it!

  • Yeah!

  • Awesome…Drop the mota Homie and make it happen…. War Diaz…

  • I see Bisping being way too strong for Nick Diaz especially in the clinch. I much prefer to see Nick at Welterweight fighting Rory Mc Donald. This fight makes no sense for Diaz. If he wins is he going to fight Anderson Silva or Chris Weidman next ? I don't think so.

    This fight makes no sense and Bisping will destroy Diaz. Bisping cuts aot of weight to make 185 and will be a monstor should they fight at that weight. Triathlon nick diaz will come in looking like he needs a feed

    • Im a Diaz fan, but you are spot on. Diaz would have to maintain 200 lbs. and triathalon and then cut to 185 to even stand a chance, because Bisping walks around at prob more than 200.

    • BUT if they both came in on fight day at 185, it would be a good fight. That wont happen.

      • @Entity…If either guy wins what does it do for their career? Bisping has been forever chasing middleweight title shot and a win over Diaz wouldn't give him the go signal. I'd like to see Diaz fight Robbie next and if Robbie wins his next fight against Rory perhaps one of those two can get the next title shot. I would have diaz vs rory or diaz vs roobie brawler…..

        • Lawlor, YES! Thats the fight I was running around yelling a 3-4 weeks ago!!!

  • i never put those two names together in my head, but now that i have, i'm wondering why this has never happened before..

    • …Cause they're in different weight classes.

      • diaz as fought at LW, WW and even a catch-weight close to MW. do a history check, bro.

        • Fighters cut weight bro, and Diaz is no where near 200 lbs

        • Heaviest dude he's ever fought was Scott Smith, who was like 179. That's 26 pounds away from LHW… Why would guys that were separated by 2 weight classes for most their career fight? Use common sense, bro.

  • Vic

    Diaz will most likely come up with high demands. An immediate titleshot against Silva after he finishes Bisping.

    • HAHAHA HAHA HAHAHAH Silva is not a title shot

  • he will be by then 😉