Anderson Silva requests superfight, Dana says he’ll work on it


Just as soon as Chael Sonnen got done calling Jon Jones and Anderson Silva cowards for not stepping up to fight one another, the longtime Brazilian middleweight champion apparently contacted Dana White to ask for a bout other than Chris Weidman. He just wouldn’t say who the request was actually against.

“Anderson called and wants a fight. (Silva has) got to get past his first fight, and then I’ll work on that one. Anderson is the key to the whole puzzle. If Weidman beats Anderson, it blows the whole superfight concept.”

Indeed, getting past Chris Weidman will be no easy task, as the undefeated wrestler is widely considered the strongest 185’er outside of Silva. What White did confirm, however, was that the fight was either against Jones or GSP.

Couple that with the fact that GSP has expressed only a small interest in facing the larger Silva, and it would seem that Jones would be the logical choice for a superfight. Earlier this week Jones was quoted as saying that the fight against ‘The Spider’ was inevitable and would happen soon.

But now Jones is dealing with the after effects of a grisly broken toe suffered in his one-sided TKO over Sonnen. He is suspended indefinitely and Silva still has over two months until he faces Weidman. It would appear that a Silva/Jones superfight is now closer to reality than ever before, but there are still some obvious and huge roadblocks. In a perfect world, MMA fans would be treated to a Silva vs. Jones main event for the UFC’s traditional year-ending card.

  • Ivy

    Anderson would get absolutely demolished by Jones. End of story.

    • I agree but both guys are soo talented that they have much more than a punchers chance.

      I'd say overall Anderson's standup and Jiu-Jitsu are much better than Jon's. He's got quicker reflexes and even better timing.

      Jon would obviously dominate in stamina, overall grappling/positioning, strength, and maybe even creativity. But the fight isn't completely lopsided.

      You never know, Jon could attempt to throw some strikes and before he's landed anything, Anderson's already read his body language and time a beautiful jab to the jaw, back's him up on chicken leg, Anderson ducks 1,2, big hooks, follows up with some ground and pound and bobs your uncle.

      You never know!!

      • i think jones would just easily defeat anderson silva, i mean base on age, height and the length. theres no way anderson would defeat jon jones.

        • Ivy

          I should "weak" your comment, because I have no intelligent way of arguing against what you just said.

        • Whilst I don't necessarily disagree that Jones will defeat A.Silva, I think Silva's accomplishments warrant more than an "easy defeat".

          Silva is no walkover for anybody.

          • Ivy

            I see Jones smothering Silva with TD's and GnP. Like Chael did to Silva the first time…only Jones is a finisher once he starts.

      • Actually, Jones' only " easy" chance is to use a GSP strategy against silva, or AKA dan henderson strategy or chael sonnen strategy, only jones can actually do damage from the ground.

        I haven't seen any evidence that jones has greater stamina as he's not yet been tested.Creativity….no, as you NEVER know what you're going to get when silva fights. Jones would be stupid not to play it safe with the hug as many have tried in the past, but maybe he's just that arrogant.

        Silva still has that glaring wrestling weakness that everyone thinks they can take advantage of, but besides the obvious age difference it's probably his only real disadvantage here. Outside of jones invincible ground and pound, a reach advantage could be a disadvantage if it's enough to convince him that he should stay on his feet.

        But, if jones takes him down and holds him there, there is very little glory as it's just a bigger younger guy beating a smaller older guy, nothing too impressive.

    • I dunno jones has a chance. he could survive in the stand-up but his best bet is to get a take down and land a nasty elbow and cut the fucker open, look what happened in the machida fight that cut changed everything. although anderson could definatly submit him as well but that is what makes this soo interesting

      • Jones can survive the stand-up. And yes he will get the takedown, yes he can do damage from there, and yes Silva's chance is to go for an armbar, but hopefully Jones worked on his armbar defense.

    • Not sure why you got so many Weaks. Jones would take Silva down and elbow his face through the mat.

  • "If Weidman beats Anderson, it blows the whole superfight concept." Do whatever it takes Dana, goddamnit, make the superfight happen.

  • Agreed. Weidman isn't gong anywhere. He could probably use a tune-up fight anyway.

    • True, but i don't want to give Silva a way out and fight cans like Bonnar!!!!

  • Jones will be out for some time with that toe break. So assuming Silva beats Weidman then end of year would be perfect timing. Silva hs nothing to lose. He is nearly 40, owned the UFC MW division forever now, is fighting a younger, bigger, equally if not more talented fighter than himself and if he wins then there can be no argument in the p4p debate, it's his, as he is smaller than Jones, albeit not much. Should Jones win he loses no face as he took the fight when he didn't have to and Jones has dominated all but one round against Machida and one round against Belfort in his whole career and will be expected to beat Silva comfortably. And if he is going to fight Jones, sooner rather than later is better for Silva as having just turned 40 myself I can testify how the metabolism drops off a cliff.

  • Weidman is going to shock the world and beat Silva. Let's see what that does to the super-fight scenario(s).

    • Indead, that's why he still wants to make another fight!
      Silva wants superfight, should say Silva wants to fight GSP! and not Jones!!
      He means i want to beat up GSP, because he's smaller!
      Maybe i shouldn't want that fight, silva will waste GSP, Jones will waste Silva!
      Silva's one of the best for sure, but fighting Griffin and Bonnar doesn't prove anything!
      He should take a risk and say: who ever UFC wants to give me, MW or LHW, i'll take that fight, even if he losses, he would still be the man!

      I do think he's scared hommie, for his legacy!!!

      • griffin was the lhw champ 1 fight b4 the silva fight!

        • Griffin was the best performance in MMA's history (IMO).

      • Jones was on his way to losing to Bonnar and Silva dominated him. Bonnar is no cake walk unless you are AS.

  • Ivy

    I'd rather see a super-fight Jones vs. Cain. Far more compelling. Sick to death of the "hype" based fight where the odds are so heavily stacked against 1 opponent.

    • Hate to be the one to break it to you, but I Jones fights Cain the odds will be "heavily stacked" against him.

  • I would definitely pick Anderson over Jones. It would be a fight that could go either way but out of all the UFC fighters, Anderson has the best chance vs Jones, Mobility,timing, stand-up, Muay-Thai… Silva… He has ALL THE TOOLS….Only cause Jones steamed rolled over Sonnen, does not mean he will do that with The Spider… Sonnen went in there with the wrong game plan.

    • Does he have the right takedown defense? Look how easily Jones took Sonnen down.. I doubt Silva could avoid the ground

      • Sonnen took Silva down in 6 out of 7 rounds. Jones is better all round than Sonnen and barring a Silva TKO over Jones (which is a possibility with his timing) Jones will take Silva down. It will be interesting to see if Jones has impoved his Jitz defense. It is highly likely that Jones takes him down and smashes Silva to bits as Silva is weak against strong wrestlers.

        Although Silva has chances in this fight (as he would any fight with his skill set), Jones will be the bookies favourite, and probably good value for it too. Jones has been up against good strikers who could hardly land a blow and aside from Belfort no one has come close to stopping him and if you had to put your mortgage on either fighter when it came down t it I reckon ya'll would back Jones, even the Silva **** bangers.

  • Would love to see this fight but Anderson can not look or even think past Weidman, the man is too much of a threat.

    If it does come to pass though, Jon Jones vs. Anderson would be something from a different world.
    Would maybe have to go back to the Ali/Frazier days to see a fight with so much talent from both sides.

  • I have hard to believe that Silva would like to fight Jones.
    would be the fighting event of all times and I would love to see but Jones is dominating a division which Silva never dared to challenge.
    Silvas biggest Strength is his reach advantage in every fight in the MW division. that would be lost to Jones.
    and his biggest Weakness is his wrestling and Jones is Easily the best wrestler in LHW division.
    the odds would definitely be against Silva.
    of course he got a chance but not a big one…

    • I just wonder if Jones will allow Silva to grab a hold of the clinch like Jones did vs Sonnen. Silva throws bombs from all angles, so its a widely debated fight that needs to happen.

      • For Silva to try to clinch vs Jones = getting taken down by Jones = ground and pound by Jones = Jones wins.

        Forget the clinch brother

  • Well AS has destroyed guys who I thought stood a great chance of dethroning him. So hopefully he will do it again and have his superfight that hes been wanting for some time now.

  • I wonder what Silva could if Jones pressed him against the cage like he did to Chael. Not much IMO.

  • Mike, what are your trying to say in this post? Dude, you don't usually sound like a moron but I have my doubts about your capabilities after reading this one. Where did anderson Silva say that he does not want to fight Chris Weidman? Are you trying to create a fcuking story out of your own imagination?

    "Anderson Silva cowards for not stepping up to fight one another". What does this supposed to mean? This is a poorly written post and grossly misleading.

    • Taking only this section of the quote "Anderson Silva cowards…." brings that whole sentence out of context.

      Chael made a statement in the post-fight interview calling Jones and A.Silva chickens or cowards or whatever the exact word was, as they are arguably #1 and #2 and have been rather reserved in calling each other out until late.

      You need to chill out dude. Watch the post-fight interview.

  • I really don't care about superfight.

  • Weidman has the formula to beat Anderson, and Anderson knows it. If Weidman executes the game plan that he should he wins the fight nine out of ten times.

  • I'm not really sure why people are SOOO sure that Jones is gonna crush Silva. Silva has far more experience and much better stand up and head movement. Jones can take him down, if he can get him down, but then will have to worry about getting submitted. Jones submission defense is So So. Personally, I think Silva is gonna do the same thing he did the last two times he moved up to LHW. He WILL hand Jones his first loss in devastating fashion and make it look easy. I really like both fighters, but Silva is a much better fighter IMO.

    • Silva has been dominated by wrestlers in the past but has a champs heart because he found a way to win regardless. Jones has never been dominated and is by far the best wrestler Silva will have ever faced. His experience won't count for nothing against Jones. Even Seagal won't be able to advise him other than taking an AK47 into the octahn with him.