Dana White: Mark Hunt Is One Of The Greatest Stories In Sports


Mark Hunt has not has an easy ride since Pride went belly up, firstly UFC Prez Dana White wanted Hunt to retire. He went as far as offering to pay the Super Samoan to ride off in to the sunset, something that Hunt took offense to. Since then Mark Hunt has given his doubters the middle finger by going on a hot streak in the UFC.

Knockout victories over Cheick Kongo and Stefan Struve have helped catapult the fan Favorite in to the limelight. Check out what DW had to say via MMAJunkie:

“He had a losing record in PRIDE and we didn’t want to bring him into the UFC, so we said, ‘We’ll pay you the money and you can ride off into the sunset and do your thing.’ And he was like, ‘F— that. I want to be paid to fight.’ First of all, a losing record, his age, the guy hadn’t fought in a long time. It just made no sense to bring the guy in. Even though we weren’t wrong (about not wanting him at first), we ended up being wrong. He proved us wrong, he proved everybody who doubted him wrong. We just didn’t cut him, we kept him – and imagine if we had cut him.”

It seems that Dana has really woke up and smelled the coffee, Mark Hunt is for real, and he’s here to fight.

“We do respect you and I think you’re one of the greatest stories in sports right now, to be honest with you. So I got everything worked out and now he’s ecstatic and I’m happy I could do it.”

UFC 160 will be a big step towards the title shot for Hunt, if he can pull off the win against a very dangerous JDS. Stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • To my mind, if Hunt beats Junior no one will have a stronger claim than him to #1 contender status. Based on Cormier's last three fights I would say that he is the current #1 contender (after BF and Cain fight) and if Hunt beats JDS he has to be next. Nothing else makes sense. Overeem needs at least one if not two great wins to get back to contender status, Roy Nelson isn't even in the conversation and Werdum's only on a two fight win streak against lesser competition. That said Werdum's last two wins before losing to Overeem were Fedor and Big Foot so if he wins against Big Nog he is probably one top level win from a title shot. In short, Cormier, Hunt/JDS and then Werdum/Big Nog or Overeem. That is the HW title picture right now.

  • How can you make the claim that Roy Nelson isn't in the picture when Hunt has no ground game?????

    • you dont need a ground game when you are knocking everyone the fu ck out

    • apparently Roy Nelson doesn't need a ground game either….JDS is going to have his hands full if a motivated ,in shape Mark Hunt shows up to fight

    • Lots of guys have outstanding skills. That alone does not grant one contender status. Roy hasn't beat any one that matters yet; end of story. If Hunt beats Dos Santos he is number one (after Cormier). That said, Hunt does have skills on the ground. He went to the ground with Struve and not only survived but did damage. Oh, and before you point out that Hunt hasn't beat anyone more prestigious than the guys Nelson has beat (true) let me remind you, I am not saying he is the number one contender now (that is BF followed by Cormier), I am saying that IF he beats JDS, the only guy ahead of him will be Cormier and after he fights the champ it should be Hunt's turn.

  • No ground game?? I think that's a little harsh…….Did you miss his fight against Struve? He looked pretty good on the ground there. Especially against a lengthy, high-level grappler.

    • He looked better than expected on the ground verse Struve but lets not get ahead of ourselves based on that fight. his ground game is mediocre. Struve is good with submissions, not wrestling and holding positions. Most of his subs are "flash" subs mostly. Cain will take him down and brutalize him, even Big foot could if he somehow won the rematch with cain… wait why are we talking about this? Dos Santos is going to remind everyone why Hunt's record is what it is… I like Hunt, great personality entertaining fighter but can we be serious? People are saying o Hunt's fought better strikers than JDS, Junior isn't gonna be near the level he's faced… Was Bigfoot near the level Overeems faced in K1? Was Gonzaga near the level Mirko faced in K1? The gloves are smaller, the all around fight makes you have to change your approach to striking and WHEN Junior staggers him he will be able to take him down or drop him and then finish on the ground by TKO not have the ref step in and let Hunt stand back up. Hunt is surprisingly fast for his size but he will not have the speed advantage, or the reach advantage. When you're losing BOTH of those categories, it's going to be a rough night. I think Junior actually wins this by TKO in the late 1rst round, but even if that's wrong it will still be Junior winning just by decision.

      • watch the fight hunt/fedor fight, he held his own on the ground with the russian sambo champ for a long time before he got submitted. Until he ran into a 290 lb bigfoot, hunt was the only guy with the strength to hold fedor down. JDS won't try to take him down anyway, and hunt has never been KO'd. It will be hard for Hunt to out point JDS with the disadvantage in reach so If Hunt can't get a KO , it will probably be a decicion win for JDS

        • JDS did say he will take him down if he has to. But I think you're right and that he won't have to. JDS just seems to fast and too far ahead in cardio. As slow as Hunt was moving in that 3rd round with Struve, JDS would easily put him away if he got him that tired first with some wrestling or grappling.

    • I wouldn't call Struve's grappling high level. But of course Hunt has some ground skills. No one in MMA has literally none. His are low enough however that it's hard to believe he would ever have a chance against Cain. Other than the hail mary first punch he throws while Cain shoots in kind of chance.

  • melvin manhoef ko'd mark hunt, but I dont think JDS hits as hard as Melvin. It will be an interesting fight I have Hunt by leaping left hook 2nd.

    • i forgot about the tko loss to manhoef, but does that really count? manhoef could KO a bull . I like the leaping left hook prediction, JDS better keep the right hand up

  • I have full faith that Hunt will KO JDS. He's a tank, man and the armor is thick. Look for Mark to brawl the boxer.

    Although I call for victory, I pray that it's not @ the expense of Jr.'s jaw.

    • Let's hope Hunt is aiming for the temple then, LOL. In all seriousness though, making it a brawl might not be a bad idea. Hunt has a jaw of steel and JDS might not know what to do with a guy who is constantly coming at him. It seemed that way when he fought Cain. Myself, I'll have JDS via decision in the picks but I hope you are right. I appreciate JDS's skill but I am not a fan. I'd love to see Rocky beat Apollo in real life. WAR HUNT!

    • I hear that… if Hunt touches JDS jaw, it will never be the same. Similar to The Iceman after Rampage touched him…. not to mention the psychological effect of two back to back brutal beatings.

  • @Rory….makes you wonder how many guys have been cut who could have turned things around ????