Dana White, GSP react to Nick Diaz’s no-show


Nick Diaz continued his repeated denying of media obligations by no-showing today’s UFC 158 open workouts. While this comes as absolutely no surprise, it still is cause to make Dana White seriously angry at the situation.

The saga of Diaz goes on and on, and White appeared on the The Jim Rome Show to address Diaz’s latest no show:

“If he does not show up tomorrow for the press conference, it’s not going to be good.”

“I don’t know what to say, or what’s going to happen, but let me tell you what, it will not be good.”

White continued on with Rome to state that he was not worried about Diaz being out of the cage out for 405 days, noting that he always stays in shape. He also emphasized the amount of motivation that Georges St-Pierre has in beating Diaz, stating:

“He (Diaz) was chasing Georges around the hotel. He thought he was going to try to fight him at the hotel.”

“I don’t think that would ever happen. But Georges just has this crazy thing about bullies, and he thinks that Nick Diaz is a bully.”

The incident, reportedly following St-Pierre’s win over Jake Shields at UFC 137, sheds light on the normally calm St-Pierre’s motivation to put a beating on the bad boy Diaz.

Still, when Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting caught up with GSP earlier today, he remained focused on only what he could control:

“It doesn’t change nothing in my life. I don’t worry about him.

I only worry about myself. I don’t care.”

When asked if he thinks Diaz will show up to the press conference tomorrow, he simply replied:

“He will show up. He’s going to show up, for sure.”

You can bet the last thing that Dana White wants is for Nick Diaz to pull his no-show again and make this fight a no-go, as this is obviously a huge bout and card for the UFC. Will Diaz again cause this blockbuster event to go by the wayside?

  • who the F cares about the open workouts anyway… dana will be the ultimate teenage girlfriend if he cuts nick diaz from this card just because of this.

    • It is in Diaz's contract this media obligations he get extra money on top of that for doing these things who knows maybe with this extra money Diaz can lear how to buy a house

    • ok we get it your a Nick nut hugger….. im sorry mannn but Nick uses his
      ""Street credit"" to dodge the fight in the past to try and be a rebel or look like a rebel the ""F"" the rules and im a gangster so no one likes me and are against me they are disrespecting me just by saying the will win so…..soo…. F him he said my name so disrespect me I can be a douche bag …. look the guy has great skills but come on he has been a pro fighter and knows how it works if he isnt showing up and doing alot of the same after the suspencion then he is looking for away out ….its been so long since he has fought a great fighter and every true fighter that had a chance he tried to make the fight look like the other guy wouldnt fight …..Daiz was the guy he put boxing and BJJ togather in a great way but MMA has evolved and he got hung on himself he has tried so hard to crush GSP on creditability that he wont commit to a fight but every fight GSP has done that was talked down on is when this great fighter didnt fight it takes two now when a good fighter went at him Hughes and ect the fight was great… it takes two….. Daiz is a shoulda woulda coulda ….. I make god money so look at me if you dont make money then you ****… …all the highlights of Daiz is when he was a great fighter … I hope no excuses and a true fight happens..

      • i am not a "nick nut hugger", i just simply want the fight to happen. so you just wasted your time typing that long paragraph

  • Next time hold the damn open workout at a cannibus club & watch the S.O.B. show up on time happier than a dog that escaped out of Hong Kong (preferably Harbor Side or The Purple Heart where you i seen him 3x)

  • The only way Diaz doesn't fight this weekend is if he does something that's get his license suspended. We all know Dana hates killing a ppv card.

    But the only way Diaz will still be in the UFC next week is if he beats GSP. Otherwise, done.

  • I keep saying it but most of you guys still don't seem to see what I see…

    Nick Diaz is a selfish, unprofessional, ignorant, super-douche. And I will take that to grave.

  • I keep saying it but most of you guys still don't seem to see what I see…

    Nick Diaz is a selfish, unprofessional, ignorant, super-douche. And I will take that to the grave.

    • I see him as more of a mentally and emotionally troubled individual than a horrible individual. just my 2 cents.

  • how can u still talk like nick missing is Danas fault, he sign the contract like evry1 and should do and respect the contract like any1. He aint that special, wish dana kick him out of the ufc asap!!

  • Maybe Nick wants to get booted cause he knows he cant win.

    • If there is only one thing you can be certain about with Nick Diaz, it's that he will fight.

  • In all honesty and just for the sake-of-the-argument, let's say Diaz doesn't show up for the press conference, what….Dana would bounce him off the card and re-shuffle and already re-shuffled event and do so, 48 hours before the card and all while the bounced fighter was healthy and ready to go, but just not into the press conference? Would Dana cancel the card?

    The answer to both these questions is no. No because it would be bad business and no, because the fans would be freaking PO'd.

    Beyond complaining about it, which is only acting as hype for the card, what can he really do about it? Maybe he could fine him, but that's about it.

    This close to a fight, it's the monkey that's calling the tune, not the organ grinder.

    • So…what does a business man do…if he does not show up for the conference, then hours before the fight , no sign, not have a back up plan ? Just wait and hope Diaz shows for the fight. Do not forget his failure to fight the BJJ champ a few months ago….and his excuse about charity money not going to the right place or whatever. Plain and simple, Nick Diaz, is an unprofessional, punk, with a shitty attitude. You cannot argue against that, and in the business world, never take a gamble on an emotional employee that would rather sit at home, smoke a bowl, and fantasize about "showing you who is boss".

      • @ IE

        Apparently, one can argue, that in the business world you do take a gamble on an emotional contract fighter (and he's not an employee, none of the fighters are) and one who has proven that he'd rather fight than smoke a bowl or fantasize about showing the boss anything.

        What is a business man to do? I guess, he shouldn't have signed him to the fight or to The Promotion, if he feels so strongly about the subject of pre-fight obligations. I guess, White could have imposed a fees / penalties schedule for infractions of this nature. I assume, that White could do something about it post-fight.

        However, with less than 48+ hours to go to the fight, there is precious little this business man can do, without running the risk or F-ing up the fight or potentially, the whole card. The fights are set, the fighters prepped, the arena booked, tickets sold, the media arrived and the fans pumped…I don't see what White can do, without doing something stupid. At least in terms of business.

        If you have a concrete and reasonable solution to this issue / problem and one that takes into account the fight is only 48+ hours away, then please share it.

        Personally, I do not believe much, if anything, can be done about it @ this late stage of the game. The only thing any of us should hope for and that White should focus, is that Diaz makes it to The Octagon on Saturday night and the the fight goes off.

        That is the only smart and practical business move available to White, right now. That's how I see it @ any rate.

        May the fight go off and regardless of media commitments or how anyone feels, I hope it's a great bout and I hope you get the chance to not only see it, but to enjoy it. Regardless of outcome. As fans, not as fighters, promoters, managers or trainers etc….that's all we are really entitled to or should expect.

        Either way, I hope you enjoy the card.

        • No doubt I hope he makes it, but yes, it is scary, especially from White's position. I do not really care for much of what Dana does, but…what is the safe, best thing ? Tough call, hope he does show, and yea, either way , I will enjoy the card, but have to work dammit, so Ill record it and be a couple hours late.

          • @ IE

            It's a drag that you have to work, but…if you stay off of this site and don't check any sports headlines….it's all good to you.

            Hope you at least have a good shift.

        • wow, what a nerd post

    • A fine, or penalty in winnings of the fight would be an excellent incentive to get fighters to go along with their contractual obligations. You miss an open work out or press conference? Fine by us, we'll just dock 10% of your pay. Although It would kind of **** since diaz seems to be the only one who consistently pulls this stunt.

      • @ JM

        What you suggest or anything, would be preferable to what we have, which is nothing. Post-facto infraction penalties are not the answer. A fighter who wished to challenge the penalty via lawsuit would win. As there is no codified process. For either what is expected or what the penalty would / will be, should a fighter fail to provide, that which is expected.

        Nick Diaz, singularly or otherwise.

  • I wanna see Nick Diaz champion just to watch Dana White lose his mind.

    • @ Satellite

      Interesting and funny concept. It actually might be worth it.

  • Nick Diaz is a real fighter who doesnt like to be under any control.Thats the mentality of a real warrior.He will show up to press conference for sure(talk is talk),but the open workouts are *******.It is like Nick dancing ballet or give flowers to single moms.So ridiculous and humiliating for him.Dana needs to change his views about that.

  • Mofo wtf bro? you smoking crystal again?

  • Honestly I just don't give a **** if they do these media events at all, would rather see UFC take this monkey of the fighters back to be honest. Only person that can really screw this up for me personally is Dana if he decides he needs to make another power play.