Dana White Goes Back To Boxing Roots With New Reality Show “The Fighters”


UFC president Dana White has been in the news even more usual with the fallout of Georges St. Pierre’s controversial split decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167.  White has held firm in his stance that St. Pierre simply owes everyone a rematch with “Bigg Rigg.”

Today, however, he’s in the news for something completely different.

In a bit of a surprise announcement, White has partnered with TUF executive producer Craig Piligian to bring out a boxing-centered reality show called “The Fighters.” White told MMA Fighting that the show will debut in 2014 on the Discovery Channel, but he gave no details on the format or number of episodes planned.

As many know, White’s beginnings in combat sports are firmly rooted in boxing. He was a former boxer and manager, even going as far to challenge former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz to a boxing match to settle their highly publicized beef.

But his main focus has obviously shifted to mixed martial arts. This was a move that would have been nearly impossible to see coming. The specifics of the series are up in the air at this point. Will it be similar to TUF or will White take his new show in a different direction?

Check out the preview for the show below and give us your thoughts:


  • Great! Taking a page out of Sylvester Stallone! Hopefully this show will be much better than "The Contender."

  • is dana trying to start something in the boxing-business? now, that would be interesing…

  • UBC!

    • I think you're spot on even if it was perceived as funny by someone 8))
      There's no doubt in my mind that this is testing the waters for a new subsidiary in Boxing by Zuffa and White.

      • @entity +1, congrats on the new job bro…. !

        • Thanks Enjoy! There's still a little more to the process but it's looking great!

  • We might have just witnessed the "changing of the guard" in light of Lorenzo commenting publicly on GSP and Dana now involved with the Boxing side. Wouldn't that be a nice change. Boxing might be where Dana truly belongs(he's got the attitude to deal with boxers). I might be grasping at straws, but what if I'm right?
    Just think if the UFC is as mentioned above UBC and they steamroll the entire market(boy would Mayweather be angry lol)

    • By the way, I wonder if this whole thing is Dana's brainchild or if it came from somewhere else?

    • I highly doubt Dana will step back in any way or form, I think it's just an expansion of Zuffa. They saw a market for it and went for it.

      • Its probably one of the "big" things they have in store for 2014, that Dana kept talking about.

  • The boxing world are taking notice of White and the Fertitas, after all they know they are doing up to 1 million PPV buys and filling out stadiums….I'd be happy for White and the Fertitas to give boxing some new life. Also there are boxers now that are best buds with Dana. Look at Mike Tyson for one…..Dana has some big friends in boxing that are behind him 100%.

  • I believe this is a ploy to draw the attention of boxing fans to mma… This is a great way for Dana to plug the UFC whilst speaking with a boxing audience.

    • Yea, but he could have just made a featured film on Boxing instead. This is a big step and expense. Plus, what would he have to offer the winning fighters? There has to be more too it.