Dana White Flying To L.A. To Discuss Rematch With Anderson Silva


UFC President Dana White might have a lot on his mind right now, but the main thing is quite obvious. Seeking to book a rematch between middleweight champion Chris Weidman and former champ Anderson Silva, rumors swirled that White would book the event for the year-ending UFC 168.

While nothing has been confirmed on that front just yet, reassuring news came earlier today in the form of sources close to Silva stating that there’s nothing more that ‘The Spider’ wants than to have a rematch. He’s apparently already motivated, and that’s music to White’s ears.

Never one to let a golden opportunity slip through his hands, White spoke up in an interview with Jason Page of NBC Sports Radio to detail his plans to put the blockbuster rematch together:

“I’m flying to L.A. this week to go talk to him. He’s gonna get knocked out again in a couple of days by reality and he’s going to want to do this fight again. Actually, I am looking at doing the rematch this year. “

“I can’t remember the last time there was a fight that happened, that all day Sunday, I was just bouncing off the walls. It’s crazy man.

When questioned about the possibility of the rematch taking place at the late December spectacle of UFC 168, White responded:

“Could, be, yep, you are dead-on, my friend. There’s gonna be a rematch. The guy hasn’t lost a fight ever in the UFC. His first loss ever, and he’s been fighting here since 2006, and every one of those has been a title fight or a title defense except for one.”

In terms of Silva’s showboating tactics that ultimately cost him, White had respect for Chris Weidman:

“Chris Weidman went after him, and he (Silva) got caught. He got him in a bunch of submissions, but Anderson got out. That’s what makes the rematch so interesting.”

Indeed it is quite the interesting rematch, and is also the best way the UFC could end the year with a bang.

A very solid interview, check out the full audio below:


    • Not funny. Except for maybe the last one

      • whatever capt. no sense of humor. i am a silva fan and some of those are fekkin hillarious. my faves are ryu from street fighter, the limbo, friday, and the dolphins.

    • i think silva needs one more fight before he gets a rematch like a fight with leben that would be an interesting match or with roger gracie.

    • That was a load of garbage Toxic. Don't tell me you thought it was funny?? Retard!

      • grandslam
        you think I would have posted it if I didnt think it was funny you dumbass…

  • Im sorry but this is bullshit… he may be been one, if not the most dominant fighters in the UFC and possibly the "GOAT" but the way he acted inside octagon during the fight and on previous fights disrespecting his opponent and afterwards saying he is done is not "Champion" or "GOAT" worthy… if he really wants it back then beat someone's a-s-s without messing around and then go after the belt…

  • has anyone realized for the past 7 years, we've never, NEVER seen a "hungry" Anderson Silva and thats scary. a hungry and highly motivated Anderson Silva could be very dangerous and a hoot to see. i hope Silva wants the rematch this year(fingers crossed)

    and big up to Weidman for even suggesting it.. Weidman isn't dumb, he knows theres still disbelievers out there and he straight up said he'd do the rematch.. thats respect for Weidman if you ask me.

    • Good points mate. Cant agree more.

    • Agree with you.
      Of all the AS fights in the recent years, i think he looked very serious with the Vitor fight. He was probably the only fighter he respected, and actually thought that could beat him.

  • test

  • “Chris Weidman went after him, and he (Silva) got caught. He got him in a bunch of submissions, but Anderson got out. That’s what makes the rematch so interesting.”

    What actually makes the rematch so interesting to White is the MONEY, nothing else.

    Silva should have to fight a couple of other top MW fighters before getting his rematch. Enough of this instant rematch BS. There is far too much of it and it should only be used in close split decision fights.

    Silva got TKO'd, and humiliated. I don't care how many times he has defended the belt, fighters careers are too short as it is and there are other fighters who have earned a shot. If Silva is so frigging great then he will destroy any other opponents and then if Weidman is still champ, they can have an EARNED rematch.

    I bet Silva comes out with his hands up this time, and will fight like a man, even though this fan has lost all respect for him. Weidman via G&P or sub anyway……

    • Nobody's interested in seeing Silva fight anyone other than Weidman in the rematch.

  • uncle danas money changes minds again. yano what made me laugh? silva screaming at wideman to come trade and put on a show….yet he stands against the fence and spends his time trying to duck punches?