Dana White Discloses $5 Million Fighter Paycheck


UFC President Dana White has once again set the interwebs alight with his comments, this time the issue is with fighter pay; but maybe not what we expected. During a Google + Hangout, DW may possibly have disclosed the highest single pay check that the UFC has ever passed down to one of it’s fighters.

Check out what White had to say when asked about fighter pay, in relation to Floyd Mayweather’s guaranteed 41.5 million haul this weekend:

“We paid a guy $5 million for a fight before, [but] we didn’t start making money until 2007. That was six years ago. So boxing’s been around for a 100 years, they’ve been doing big events since way back when. Pretty amazing what we have done in short amount of time. I don’t think a lot of people look at that way and break it down for what it really is.”

Well I’ll be damned; I did not see that one coming. The obvious speculation is who earned that goliath pay check? And the obvious answer from White was no comment. Brock Lesnar reportedly earned 500k+ in one showing for the UFC, and GSP must make a pretty fair share when he fights.

Of course any guesses would be pure speculation, but I would hazard a guess at GSP for the Diaz fight. White also had a recent boxing/MMA pay debate via his Twitter account:

In such a huge week for combat sports, White seems to have his level head in play. Make the most of it while it lasts, you guys.

  • As much as I'm not the biggest fan of GSP's style to win, I pray to god the 5Mil was his. I'd read somewhere rumors that Brock Lesnar was making over a Million a fight with back room payouts. I wish I remember where the article came from. If the 5Mil went to Brock I'd puke in my mouth. I know Anderson Silva wasn't making near some of the other champions so it couldn't have went to him. Jon Jones is still to young in his career. I do believe he's heavily paid in back room bonuses as well though. I think GSP is the only logical answer.

    • Why would you puke in your mouth? Brock is the biggest star in the sport's history and generated multiple +1M PPVs, so I would think if he did get it, I wouldn't be surprised or bothered by it.

      Silva maybe didn't make as much early in his championship reign but the last stretch he was raking it in. His last defense against Chael was strongly rumoured to make him $8M, after sponsors and PPV revenue.

      I would said it is probably what Anderson made from the Chael fight or what GSP made from the Condit or Diaz fights.

      • I don't care how many new fans he brought from the WWE, if he made it off PPV bonuses ok I guess I couldn't argue it. When I read the article online it was saying he was the top paid just off base pay and backroom bonuses that didn't include PPV bonus. Just how Dana White said he always paid alot in back room bonuses undisclosed to "Keep the scumbags out" Either way I don't really care who he brought over. He was the most over rated over hyped fighter to ever enter the UFC

    • start puking man, hate to say it, but Lesnar brought the WWE diehards to watch UFC pvps, a lot of UFC fans started watching when Brock fought…and a lot of UFC fans thinks Brock is the biggest star in the MMA world. alert – watch out for comments stating that Brock is the Biggest star in MMA

  • "We didn't make any money until 2007"…translation…"in 2007, we started making so much money, even our genius accountants couldn't hide it any more"

  • Anderson Silva Money

  • Common sense says it was Brock Lesnar for obvious reasons. I don't see why the UFC are so secretive when it comes to all the monies that go to fighters. It's a shame there's no unity amongst the fighters and managers, I've always wondered when fighters will start to ask for their share of the international TV deals considering Dana always bragging about how money countries the UFC airs in,