Dana White Claims TUF 19 Knockout Beats Uriah Hall’s TUF 17 Kick


The Ultimate Fighter 17 was packed full of dramatic scenarios and great fights. The season favorite Uriah Hall provided the knockout of the season with his emphatic spinning back kick KO. The kick, which was used to put Adam Cella to sleep, strengthened Hall’s case for being the best fighter of TUF 17.

His hype train grew to scary proportions, with some fans even hailing him as the nest Anderson Silva. The media couldn’t have been more wrong; U-Hall went on to lose a sloppy decision against Kelvin Gastelum and then lost his subsequent August 2013 bout against John Howard by SD.

It seems that there may be a new hype train talent coming to town in the latest season, although UFC President Dana White didn’t reveal who it was. TUF: Penn vs. Edgar started filming this week and the fights to get in to the house took place yesterday. Check out what ‘The Baldfather’ had to say to Fox Sports:

“We had the fights to get into the house yesterday on The Ultimate Fighter, probably the nastiest f-king knockout.  It beats Uriah Hall knockout,” White said. “Was Uriah Hall not one of the sickest knockouts you’ve ever seen? This one beats it.  Picture how f-king scary this knockout is.”

Now we all know that White is known for a certain degree of over-hyping stuff, like Brock Lesnar, Kimbo Slice and countless others; but I am intrigued to see this knockout that has him making such a bold claim.

The knockout that Hall put on Cella in TUF 17 will certainly take some beating, but it wasn’t the greatest KO of all time, at least not in my opinion. So check out the video of Hall’s awesome KO, and lets speculate as to what kind of finish can top it.

  • D

    Matt Riddle has the nastiest KO in TUF history. It wasn't as flashy as Hall's but it was the nastiest in terms of damage. http://www.bjpenn.com/riddle-says-he-not-uriah-hall-has-the-best-ko-in-tuf-history-and-i-have-to-agree-ufc-news/

    Kind of fucked up the way he takes pride in it though.

    • Dropping 4 atomic bombs after the guy was clearly KO after the first punch? I'd hardly call that the nastiest KO. If anything, a lack of sportsmanship. I favor Uriah's over Riddle's cause first of all it was a spinning kick, landing those with that kind of power and precision is a thing of beauty and on top of that, it was 1 strike and game over.

      Like you said it's fucked….. Hold on a ********second!!!!
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      • Oh so "fucked" is allowed and "fucking" isn't? Hahahah.. that's fucked up! Lol

  • dana always claims a new good knockout as THE BEST IN HISTORY and so on….. blabla blubb…. don't sell me wolftickets, please.

    • Dana White does not exaggerate…like when he said this new kid is the next GSP..turned out to be Phillipe Nover the fainting goat.

  • Ivy

    Dana White has lost ALL credibility when it comes to hyping this show as far as I'm concerned.

  • In Uriah's season he said there was a guy putting people in the hospital that other fighters were scared of. And that was true, not every fighter but some definitely didnt want to fight him.

    On this last season he never said there were guys doing what Uriah did.

    So I believe theres going to be a nasty KO.
    Who wants to put money on it and stop Dana hating?