Dana White Called GSP And Apologized, Now Thinks ‘Rush’ Won At UFC 167


The controversial result at UFC 167’s main event has been debated to an unbelievable extent, and with good reason; it was an extremely shocking result for most fans, especially UFC Prez Dana White. ‘The Baldfather’ blasted the NSAC judges for what he called ‘appalling’ officiating.

It seems as though Uncle Dana may have changed his tune, that is according to GSP’s mentor Kristof Midoux. Amidst all the speculation of St-Pierre’s future as Champion and the questionable result, the Welterweight kingpin’s coach spoke with Journal de Quebec:

“Few people know it, but the next morning he (White) called George and told him” I’m sorry, I watched the fight again and you have indeed won. I spoke under the influence of emotion. George told him he did not worry, he understood. He owes nothing to anyone, he fought all his life. “

Wow, I did not see that one coming. White is often outspoken on a wide range of subjects, and his stance on these matters has been known to waiver; but I didn’t expect him to change his mind in this case.

White was so irate in the aftermath of 167, along with the entire MMA media that felt Hendricks had won, so what changed? Well, obviously White had rewatched the fight and made another assessment of GSP’s performance.

Hendricks certainly landed the greater volume of strikes, but stats don’t always tell the whole story. Could it be that St-Pierre did do just enough to actually beat JH, and this whole matter has not been such a controversy after all? Probably not, but I haven’t rewatched the fight yet.

Another matter that comes to mind: this fight was eerily reminiscent of Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson, a fight that White was happy to let go without a rematch as Jones will face Teixeira next; yet he is determined to get St-Pierre vs. Hendricks II booked. Why is that?

Surely in two title fights where the champ has been a dominant force, and the challenger could have won (arguably) a rematch is fair in both cases. White agrees that Jones and GSP did win their title fights, but is far less interested in seeing Jones fight Gus again, could this be a marketing ploy intended to keep Jones rosy and end GSP’s reign?

  • im sure he only apologized only after lorenzo had some words with hiM after the post conference

  • Dana also owes an apology to the Nevada Commission and the judges….

  • For some reason, I had a feeling old baldy would change his mind. Not sure if it's an act to keep GSP in his corner, or if it's really sincere. I was surprised that he was so adamant about Hendricks winning after the fight, surely he should know bashing GSP isn't in his best interest

  • and now everyone else thinks GSP won

  • yeah, now everyone is gonna says GSP won, but from day 1 i said GSP landed more strikes but Handricks hit harder. But u cant tell how hurt GSP was even for the Judge, he face is always a mess..

  • I'm not sure who won but my point all along was that the fight wasn't a blowout. It was a close fight. I agree with Michael above – GSP's face is a mess after every fight.

    JH had more strikes on Fight Metric. GSP had more "significant fights". GSP had slightly more takedowns but the percentage was equal (3/6 vs 2/4).

    Close Fight.

    • I do think it was a close fight but to me the damage was the deciding factor. Also the part that everyone thinks GSP slipped was actually a trip by Hendricks. Johnnys foot caught GSP and then he landed on top of Rush. It should count as a TD in my opinion as it wasn't GSP slipping but being tripped while back peddeling away.

  • Dana turns on everyone around him..especially the ones that are making the company tons of money. Told Anderson more than once that he would cut him. Jones when he and Evans didn't want to fight because they are friends. Now GSP. I think Dana just got the rolled up newspaper on the nose from Lorenzo. Now Jones is talking retirement..Dana's days up front may be numbered.

    • You may not like Dana but one of the reasons why he does what he does is for the fans. Did you like how Anderson acted in his fight against Maia? Didn't you want to see Jones VS. Evans? Do you not want to see GSP Hendricks II? He's not going to let MMA turn into Boxing. Have we seen Pacquiao VS. Mayweather yet? That would never happen in the UFC and it's partly because of Dana. He's running a business and he gives us what we want. (most of the time)

  • Aww come on now Dana it's not proper to beg. Sounds like he's willing to say anything to get GSP back, what comes next is since GSP did indeed win, his next opponent will not have to be Johny Hendricks

    • Agreed.

      If he beat Hendricks, why would Johny get a rematch fight. It's BS.

      • Dana, on his back, now on his front, now on his back…Flip flop flip flop flip flop…eww Im getting dizzy.

  • As it goes, put the fight on, turn down the audio / Rogan and watch the fight in silence.

    If you do, GSP won.

    As to White's apology and change of heart, when he puts it on his Twitter page or does an "on camera" interview and states it, I'll buy it. Until then, these are just the fond memories or a guy re-telling a story he was told, but was never actually part of.

    DW was pretty heated and animated on the 16th and I have a hard time believing that he went home, watched the fight and had an immediate change of heart.

    I'm not buying it.

    That said, if DW really has had a change of heart, great!

    If so, then maybe the boss will give the man the time off that he's asked for and deservedly earned, and when Rush comes back, maybe he'll get Lawler, Condit or Brown and not Bigg Rigg.

    Begging the question, if DW now believes Rush won, why is Hendricks going to get a rematch?

  • I'm a big fan of GSP, but he did not win that fight. He got bested everywhere.

    • Yea! And got beat too!

  • Many people assume it's all about the money to Dana. It's not (at least directly), he has tons of money. The amount of money he gains from one fight is inconsequential. Dana, as a good businessman, is not this shortsighted.

    This is about the UFC brand and maintaining its monopoly. There are 2 things right now that set the UFC apart from other organizations.

    1) The UFC name – people don't know wth MMA is, but they know what UFC is. Just like people call soda Coke, people call MMA UFC.

    2) More importantly – the brand is made up of its fighters. The UFC has the best, but more importantly, the most well known, fighters in the world. GSP is a HUGE HUGE part of this. Imagine if GSP retires and Bones loses to Gus. The UFC would lose a lot of its fizz.

    This is the same reason DW will not give Askren a fight in the UFC, unless he's guaranteed to lose.

    If you ever question DW's actions, just keep the UFC brand in mind, and you'll cut through the BS very quickly.

    • FYI if anyone is further interested, read Dale Carnegie's books. It explains people. People are interested in 2 things: *** and 'feeling important'. You can narrow people's actions down to these two things.

      As long as the UFC maintains it's brand, DW will continue to be the most powerful figure in the business. Again, it's not about the money. It's about the UFC brand, which solidifies DW's position as the most powerful man. He will do anything to maintain this status.

      These are my two cents.

  • The bald father is a joke.

  • D

    He may have said it to GSP under duress from Mr. Fertita, but I don't believe he actually thinks that GSP won, and I'm pretty sure he will never say it publicly.