Dana White Blasts Conspiracy Theorists: You Don’t Fix A Fight That’s 2-to-1


UFC President Dana White recently appeared on an episode of ESPN 2’s “Highly Questionable” to address some of the hot talk surrounding the Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman bout earlier this month. Inevitably, the topic of the fight being fixed came up, to which the president responded with clear-cut emotion and certainty.

First off, White puts forth the point that if the fight was going to be fixed, it would have been a bout with much higher odds, as Silva was only around 2-to-1 favorite. Many fighters had picked Weidman to win, and indeed it was the Silva bout where people thought he might lose the most.

White goes on to blast Sports Illustrated for putting on a show about the fix, believing that the reporters who discussed the topic probably didn’t even watch the fight. He believes that journalism is unfortunately focused on shock value rather than fact value. White may have a good point here, as he backs up his argument with some valid discussion.

I tend to think that if the UFC truly wanted to fix a fight, this was not the one to do it. It would simply be too obvious, with Silva dancing around and clowning Weidman. There’s no guarantee he would be knocked out by Weidman, and the bottom line remains that there’s just simply no way that Dana White and the UFC would risk all of the guaranteed blockbuster super fights that were on the table should Silva have won.

With an odd and controversial loss by the longtime champ (and arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all-time), there’s always going to be some speculation. However, I believe that the conspiracy theorists are unfounded when they turn their gaze to Weidman’s victory. I think that simply put, Silva got cocky and gambled to put on a show, and someone finally caught him in his act. The odds simply weren’t good enough on Weidman for a fix to bring any validation. What do you think?


  • lol..pretty cool vid, especially the guy in the middle calling out dana for his emotion. i think it is ridiculous to even consider the idea the fight was thrown, for all the reasons dana said…and if it was (which it was not), if it was, dana had no clue, lol..just read him.

    • Agreed – ridiculous but Dana's reaction begs the question: "You don't fix a fight that is 2:1 odds"….okay Dana, which ones do you fix then?

      • I don't agree the fight was fixed for more reasons than I care to mention but had someone backed Weidman they would have doubled their money…Seems like a pretty good return to me…

    • Anderson has been clowning around in the octagon for a few fights now. He was bound to get caught. I don't see why people find it so unbelievable that it wasn't fixed.

  • whatever…a million dollar bet on a 2-1 shot is def. worth your wallet. I don't think the UFC fixed the fight but I think AS did with the intent to create a lucrative rematch and still cash in on super fights. No matter what anyone says…. in my mind …AS sold out to the mighty dollar.

    • whatever…guys dont throw a fight by brutal KO, maybe sub? yes

      • exactly , this is mma, if you wanna fix it and comeback later, you dont risk your health and your ability to absorb punishment. you farggin fake a sub.

  • The only shocking thing about Silva is that it took this long for it to happen, the way he has been clowning around and somehow getting away with it has been the remarkable thing not that it eventually caught up to him.

  • haha you gotta love uncle Dana!!