Dana White Announces 35 Events For UFC In 2014


UFC President Dana White has made some announcements this week, regarding the UFC’s plans for 2014 and UFC 170. The Baldfather revealed that the organization will hold at least 35 events throughout 2014, topping 2013 by two events.

White also said that UFC 170 would go down at The Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas and that UFC on Fox 10 will be held Chicago United Center on January 25th and February 22nd, respectively.

We also learn that 14 cards will take place on Fox Sports 1, 13 for PPV consumption and eight divided between Fox Network and Fox Sports 2. White also gave a brief lowdown on Wednesday’s Fox Sports Live about the UFC’s more regularly visited locations:

“We’re looking to go to Mexico, go back to Chicago, Vegas, we’re going everywhere like we always do,”

We also know that the UFC plans on expanding it’s reach to China, Japan and other Eastern lands; meaning that an increase of two events for the year may actually mean far less USA based events.

Some fans may argue that the UFC and MMA in general have become watered down, due to the frequently busy schedules that are now associated with MMA coverage. There once was a time where you would have to wait up to a month before seeing your next major MMA event.

I admit that growth is essential for the sport of MMA, and I will never grow tired of watching it, but is 2014’s schedule of a UFC event every 1.5 weeks a little much? When you consider that Bellator, WSOF and other lesser promotions put on events throughout the year, it becomes hard to keep up with all the events going on.

Lets be honest, how many of you would watch a Bellator/WSOF event as opposed to a UFC event? It’s a competitive market, one which the UFC continue to dominate.


  • @Rory… As long as they keep putting on great fights I don't think it will be a problem. Many sports fans are accustomed to watching their favourite football team each week during season so i think the UFC should be fine. Fighting however is different in the sense that it is not a team sport. So each card there are different fighters so you are not following the same fighter each card. Therefore it takes alot of promotion to get people interested.At 35 events per year i would say that adding anymore is probably overcooking it.

  • Will 2014 be the year that a World Champion gets a Million Dollar paycheck?…..

  • It will just be my luck when the UFC comes to Oakland, the main event will be Brandon Vera vs. Matt Mattrione(or however you spell that loser's name)

  • Mexico and Chicago…..makes Brasil seem a bit safer lmao

  • I'm going to trust that Dana and everyone else running the UFC know what they're doing far more than I do. I personally can't get enough of it. Keep it coming.

    • Zip

      I'm with you matt.

  • DAAAAAAM so 3 events a month practically, thats pretty awesome