Dana White Says Nate & Nick Diaz Keep Turning Down Fights


If you’re among the legions of MMA fans awaiting the return of popular UFC bad boys Nate and Nick Diaz, unfortunately Dana White doesn’t have an answer for you.

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports (via Bloody Elbow), White revealed that the promotion had been offering both Diaz brothers fights, but neither of them were willing to accept any of the offers:

“We keep offering Nate fights and he keeps turning them down. Nick too.”

White said he had “no idea” why the UFC’s most infamous brothers had turned down each bout, but when he was asked if Nate was perhaps holding out for a third match-up with Conor McGregor, White couldn’t deny it. However, he also couldn’t deny that McGregor had a plethora of opportunities:

“Maybe. Maybe he is. But Conor has endless possibilities for fights.”

Indeed McGregor does have many a potentially lucrative opportunity, the biggest of course being his heavily discussed super fight with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

White said he wouldn’t stand in the way of his biggest star making that kind of money and expects the fight to happen during an interview with Conan O’Brien last night as part of his multiple appearances in the media this week.

Nate was also reportedly offered a fight with former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at May’s massive UFC 211 but turned it down.

As for Nick Diaz, the ultra-popular anti-hero recently called welterweight champ Tyron Woodley out for his boring bout at UFC 209 and said upcoming opponents Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre should have fought him instead of each other, so it’s apparent he won’t step back into the octagon for less than the biggest fight available despite being out action since early 2015 and not having a win – and over an aging BJ Penn, no less – since October 2011.

Whatever the circumstances, it has become quite clear the Diazes won’t fight for anything less than the largest payday, something WME-IMG has been adverse to handing out in the rocky first days of their era.

Because of that, don’t expect to see Nate or Nick back to fighting anytime soon; especially with McGregor on the sidelines.


  • Jess Fenchley

    Love it. Dana losing control over so many fighters. Time to be replaced by the WME.

    • Juan Diablo

      Dana doesn’t need the Diaz bros lol

      • james

        Really? Why not release such difficult guys to work with? That is the typical protocol for people you don’t need that are hard to work with.

        • Juan Diablo

          They signed the contract and they are expected to honor it. If they didn’t wanna follow the organizations rules then they shouldn’t have signed, simple as that. Why would the UFC let them out of their contracts to go make someone else money? It’s pretty sad that you want to reward guys who you admit are difficult to work with.

          • james

            The ufc is difficult to work with.

            In the real world where big boys play contract negotiations are common.

            Dana himself set up the stupid thug or model so it’s on him.

            They should have used brackets and made it sport then their would be no debate. The best would always fight the best.

            Conor barely beat nate the second time then he roasted Alvarez. Diaz can’t be that bad or he would be sleeping on the mat like Eddie.

        • Jess Fenchley

          Because he know he CAN’T. Really MMA fans love these REAL fighters. Not the UFC blonde jokes decimated one by one.

      • Jess Fenchley

        Moron. He needs these fighters because they bring the real fans. Go back to WWE.

        • Juan Diablo

          They never fight Hoss, how do they bring the fans if they are always on the sidelines lol

  • Adamaj

    Maybe Bellator will jump in? Rory, Larkin, Daley, Page, Lama or Guillard.

    • Juan Diablo

      How? They are under contact

  • Juan Diablo

    They know that the sport passed them by because they chose not to evolve, just like it did with Ronda. They are holding out for one last huge payday because they know they can’t compete with the top names anymore.

    • Bill Wolf

      That seems like the most reasonable explanation.

    • james

      Didn’t nate just beat the current lightweight champ? Didn’t Connor roast a well rounded fighter in the first round?

      Your clueless.

      The Diaz brothers even facing the best at best get shut down with a point game. The more you move for a finish the more chance they have.

      And they dabble in other money making. You get punched in the head for a living probably a good idea to slow down after a decade of it if you have the means.

      • Juan Diablo

        You obviously know nothing about weight cutting and time frames my man, but by all means keep calling me clueless lol

        Mac has held 2 UFC belts, Nate has never held any sort of MMA title and lost his only UFC attempt, and Nick has lost both of his UFC title fights.

        “Shut down with a point game” what does that even mean?

        These idiots don’t make any other real money lol Doesn’t count if someone hands you a dime bag to pose for some photos at the Stockton mall. They know that they are both going to be exposed as gatekeepers in their next fights so they are holding out for one more red panty night

        • james

          I wrestled division 1 NCAA at Penn state for four years. Two divisions between folk and freestyle seasons.

          Nate and nick are much smarter than you give them credit.

          You can make excuses all day long but very few people dominate the Diaz Bros. RDS did a good job but nate looked like he came in pretty out of shape.

          Nick had to be beat with point fighting. Staying on the outside or take downs without physical damage.

          He did about as well as anybody against gsp, and Condit wanted no part of inside fighting or going for a finish. When it went to the ground it was not in Condit favor at all.

          So yeah they are at the end of a long career. One they started off by fighting anyone. They don’t need to fight for peanuts.

          Frankly your viewpoint is pretty condescending to what fighters are suppose to be which is more concerned with their fans than their brain health.

          As a lifelong martial artist in his forties and former serious competitor I say let them take a few laps. They have entertained and done more than most for more tan a decade.

          • Juan Diablo

            And I’m a Dr who stayed at a Holiday in Express… saying who you are on the internet it pointless…

            They are not smarter than I give them credit for lol

            Came in out of shape- that’s mental weakness and so is all the failed drug tests. Doesn’t matter that no one dominates them, a loss is a loss, and these guys are doing plenty of that when they decide to show up.

            Ah, so you are one of the guys who agrees with the Diaz tantrums about guys not fighting them the way they want to be fought lol That’s exactly my point- the sport changed and guys will game plan you now… the Diaz bros still want to stand in the middle of the cage and bang in the pocket. The next leg kick that one of them blocks will be the first one. If they don’t like being taken down and leg kicked then add the defense to your game, don’t just complain post fight that they wouldn’t trade with u.

            Who gives a crap, the GSP and Condit fights were losses…

            Yes they do need to fight for peanuts because they aren’t PPV draws and they aren’t and never will be UFC champions.

            What are you talking about with brain health, when you were just talking about how no one wants to stand and trade with the Diaz bros? Hypocrite city…

            My man, it’s ok to like fighters that aren’t very good- trust me, I love Joe Lauzon- but I will never act like he is better than he really is. Go look at their records and see who they actually beat and when. Be objective and scrutinize them extra hard since you know u have a natural bias as a fan of theirs. They are middle of the road fighters and people like them for the same reason people like the Raiders.

          • james

            Yo are entitied to your middle school opinion.

            When you actually work with fighters and have done training, competing, or hard sparring your perspective is much different.

            The Diaz Bros are a commodity, the reason ufc wouldn’t release then is because they are worth a lot of money.

            And no I think the Diaz Bros lost because they have holes in their game like everyone else

            Just noting the don’t get put down as you suggested like Ronda. Fighters beat them point fighting. With that plan.

          • Jess Fenchley

            and how does you wrestling in peewee mean anything? seriously, bragging about amateur wrestling? I did a sit-up today, so we’re even.

          • james

            You cut weight in wrestling and judo. THAT was my point. And Penn State is top tier in wrestling in the US.

            The Olympics are also amateur wrestling. The ncaa division 1 is where the athletes come from under USA wrestling 97 percent of the time.

        • Jess Fenchley

          You are clueless. The sport has not passed them. They were badass fighters from day one. Ronda was a hyped fake UFC marketing product day one until utterly exposed.

          You should get back to watching the WWE.

          • Juan Diablo

            WWE lol what does my opinion have to do with the WWE? The sport passed them bruh. Let me ask u this- will a Diaz bro ever hold a UFC title? Don’t run, answer the question sweetheart

  • Jess Fenchley

    Love it. When Dana showed blatant and unprofessional favoritism to Honda, McNugget, steroid boy Northcutt, and aerobics student wannabe fighter Vanzant, he opened up this can of worms, and it will get worse. He has completely lost control over the fighters, the company’s assets, and will be replace. Mark my words.