Dana White: Let’s See What “Mighty Mouse” Does On PPV Against Dillashaw


After a thrilling knockout victory over bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt in last night’s UFC 217 co-main event, newly-minted champ TJ Dillashaw took the mic to call out flyweight kingpin Demetrious Johnson.

The two were nearly scheduled to fight at one point, and not long ago too. Dillashaw offered to fill in for Ray Borg at UFC 215 when Borg pulled out due to illness. “Mighty Mouse” declined to fight, much to UFC President Dana White’s chagrin.

With Johnson becoming more vocal about the lack of support or respect he’s getting from the UFC, White used Dillashaw’s emphatic victory at UFC 217 as an opportunity to offer “Mighty Mouse” the fight once again:

“He’s been crying for a long time for a big fight. He’s got his big fight now. You know I’m down for it because I was down for it before, but now it’s even better. They both have belts, so, yeah.”

“He’s a partner in the pay-per-view,” White said. “Let’s see what your PPV does, you’re a partner, let’s see what you make. Listen, you can’t be in a position where you’re like “I want $2 million, f*ck you, I don’t care what you make. I don’t care how much this thing sells, I just want $2 million.”

As for another one of DJ’s concerns about Dillashaw fighting him at flyweight, the newly crowned bantamweight champion says cutting down to 125 pounds won’t be a problem given his current regimen:

“The reason why I look so lean at 135 pounds is the way I work. I put muscle on, I’m not a big 135er. A walk around at 150, you know? But I stack on, I stay lean, I keep my diet, I’ve kept on my diet since The Ultimate Fighter.”

Do you want to see Dillashaw take on “Mighty Mouse”?

  • JamesC

    1. Great job TJ
    2. The DJ vs TJ fight will be great
    3. The fight should be at 135. Why should TJ get the opportunity to be a two-weight champ. DJ is the one who has cleaned out a division. TJ hasn’t beaten Rivera, Cruz, Almeida, Sterling, Dodson and Cody or Dom rematch. There is alot of work for him at 135. Why should he getting special treatment Aldo did not get the opportunity to jump up when he wanted against Pettis. What has TJ done to deserve this.
    4. DJ has cleared out a division why shouldn’t he be able to go up. Why would TJ get a low risk, high reward situation where there is nothing to lose.

    • HeteroFriendly

      Makes sense.
      Would also bypass any TJ not making 125 argument.

      Could even be considered extra coercion for DJ.
      Thats a whole lot of accomplishment for his legacy if he can pull it off.

      But I’m not sure what exactly is coercing him.
      Other then he says he wants to be compensated.

      So all we have to do is get hollywood to pay him what he wants,
      and whichever way they want to do it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • HeteroFriendly

    I can see both arguments.

    Dana wants DJ to be interested in BECOMING POPULAR.
    Selling PPV’s through more exciting matchmaking,
    and thats what the PPV partner percentage is about.

    And DJ wants to get paid for his accomplishments and the risks he’ll take.

    There should be an inbetween there.

  • ShawnKarr

    I miss the days of Penn and Spider when they went UP in weight class to take on new challenges.
    Now you got cowards like McG and Dillishaw challenging smaller fighters to build their “legacy”.
    In anycase, I agree with JamesC that DJ deserves the chance to be two div champ much more than Dillishaw.