Dana White Doesn’t Understand Why Demetrious Johnson Won’t Fight T.J. Dillashaw


It’s pretty clear that UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson does not want to fight former bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw. Unfortunately for him, UFC President Dana White can’t understand his reasoning behind his desire to not fight him as well as turn down the opportunity to get a piece of pay-per-view revenue for the first time in his career. White has been a bit heated ever since Johnson went on record by saying he was not interested in fighting Dillashaw despite it being a tough fight for Johnson, who’s one title defense away from breaking Anderson Silva’s long-standing record of 10

Dillashaw was supposed to fight current 135-pound kingpin Cody Garbrandt this summer, but that bout was scrapped after Garbrandt was sidelined due to a back injury. Now, Dillashaw needs a fight, and he wants it to be for gold, so he is willing to drop down to flyweight and challenge Johnson.

“I have a fight with Demetrious Johnson where he’s on his way to break the record – Anderson Silva’s record for most title defenses,” White told the “UFC Unfiltered” podcast (transcript courtesy of MMA Junkie. “And T.J. Dillashaw can’t fight Cody ‘No Love’ because Cody screwed up his back, and Cody won’t be back for a while. He’s like, ‘I can make this weight, and I’m going to stop him from breaking that record.’ “T.J. is going to go down to 125 to fight D.J. to stop him from breaking the record, but D.J. doesn’t want to fight him. Tell me – you tell me,” White said. “It’s insanity.”

Rather than fighting Dillashaw, Johnson he wants a bout against Ray Borg, who is currently 5-1 in his last six bouts. Johnson has said he simply wants to focus on the guys who fight full-time in his weight class. However, White is ready to pull rank to get the fight he wants.

“Unfortunately for D.J., you don’t make the fights around here,” he said. “I do. (Johnson vs. Dillashaw is) the fight we’re pushing for.”

White is surprised that Johnson is willing to turn down the opportunity to get a piece of PPV revenue for the first time in his dominant career.

“This is the first fight ever in D.J.’s history that he actually gets pay-per-view,” White said. “He gets pay-per-view on this one, and this is the first real fight that people will care about and want to see on pay-per-view, and he is refusing to fight T.J. Dillashaw.”

The fight has been rumored to take place on August 19th and in Seattle, which is near Johnson’s Washington home. It’s also rumored that the UFC would hold UFC 215 on that date. This could be Johnson’s best chance to make an impact on PPV, which is another reason why White simply cannot understand the reason for Johnson wanting to fight Borg.

“What’s he ranked – like (No.) 5 or 6?” he said. “T.J. Dillashaw is a former world champion, coming down from the weight class above who’s next in line for the title shot there. Absolutely he’s next in line (at flyweight), if that’s what he wants. … It’s nothing against Ray Borg.”

  • Bulgarian Squat

    damn Dj, time to suck it up and knuckle up for that record. daddy Dana has spoken.

  • Jeff Harris

    Little mighty mouse is afraid he`ll not break the record ??

  • Wabbit

    So much for rewarding loyalty, by Dana White…there must be a trail of slime which follows him, wherever he slithers.

    • Allen Eltor

      No SHIT Wabbit did you see what he was telling Aldo about McShorty refusing to fight him?

      White’s a fucking oozer of slime, and the sooner he’s gone from UFC the gladder I think everybody will be.

      People are just tired of watching a professional shit talker make his BILLIONS off other mens’ sacrifices.

  • trolog

    All this “DJ doesn’t get attention because he’s black” what about because he’s a coward? He’s fighting in a division that has no real challenge (compared to others). Maybe he knows TJ would win? But even if he did, at least he’d get paid? Least now we can put to rest this race baiting.

  • Don Bivens

    DJ just wants to break the record. He’s not a coward. He’s looking out for his legacy. After he sets the record, then let’s see him fight others from a different weight class. If he turns them down then we can discuss “coward”.

  • Allen Eltor


    THAT’S called THEFT from HIM when they claim ”oH, WE ain’t GOT uhnuff MUNNIE to PAY you GOOD, cause… WAYE, WE JIST AINT…

    A bunch of fucking losers making BILLIONS off other men’s injuries and dreams.