Dan Henderson’s Jiu-Jitsu Coach Says Belfort Will Regret A Rematch


Vitor Belfort is riding an impressive two-fight win streak at present after knocking out Michael Bisping in January, Vitor went on to destroy Luke Rockhold in similar fashion this May. The beef between Belfort and Sonnen aside, it looks like a future match against Dan Henderson is on the cards.

The two met at Pride 32 in 2006, with Hendo emerging the winner by decision. Belfort has stated that his second choice for his next fight, behind Sonnen, would be Henderson. A fight that Hendo’s Jiu-Jitsu coach, Ricardo Feliciano, says would not be a good move for Belfort:

“Hendo is already 205lbs,” Feliciano told Fighters Only This is his normal weight. If this bout happens in November, it will be excellent if included in GSP’s card [Georges Saint Pierre vs Johny Hendricks for welterweight championship] in Las Vegas. I will pump him up. Vitor will regret to have asked for this rematch!”

This certainly is an interesting fight between two hard-hitting KO kings, but what relevance does it hold? Belfort just turned down a fight with Tim Kennedy, who is in the win column, in favour of a match with either Sonnen (who could be on a three fight skid by then) or Henderson who is riding a two-fight skid.

Sonnen and Hendo are certainly bigger names, but Kennedy would have certainly been a better win for Belfort considering that he has won a fight in the past year. In honesty, who knows how the rankings work these days?

Marketability is the obvious answer, especially when you consider the fights that Sonnen is still being linked to. Even if he loses against Shogun, Sonnen may get the number one contender at middleweight.

Although a fight against Henderson at a catchweight or 205 wouldn’t affect Vitor’s standing at middleweight. where he currently holds the number one contender spot. Assuming that Belfort vs. Hendo II does go down, who is your pick?

  • Would love to see that rematch.

  • I think Vitor would win the rematch, I feel Henderson hasn't really improved all that much recently.

    • Its kinda harsh what you said… He had 2 very controversial decisions with a former LHW champions, when he is 42 year old.

  • Don't get me wrong, I think Henderson is one of the best fighters out there. But Belfort looks like he's getting better with every fight. Henderson on the other hand hasn't really shown that.

    • gm1

      They make it sound like thats the answer to getting the win. Hendo only weapon has ways been his HBomb. All talk to promote their fighter….WEAK

  • I'll be glad to see this fight at Light heavyweight so both fighters aren't cutting ridiculous weight. I give the edge to Vitor being the younger fighter. Hendo has to be slowing down.

  • Whoever has more trt will win

    • I think its about time people like you stop with the TRT BS honestly because TRT does not give you skill, discipline and years of experience OK and BTW why don't you bring stuff like this up when Frank Mir fights or Sonnen fights oh ya that's right they don't usually win hence wheres their TRT boost at, since they also take it huh

  • Hahaha

  • I love hendersons haymaker fight style but I'm afraid he's starting to decline. I'm gonna have to call Vitror belfort via finish in round 2. Imma say either armbar or tko imo.

  • TRT doesn't win fights. Technique trumps all. Things are getting ridiculous though. When these fighters win, people scream "TRT". When they lose 1 or 2 fights against the best fighters on the planet, people are instantly saying they are slowing down or washed up. Obviously Vitor would be smarter to fight Sonnen or Hendo instead of Tim Kennedy. A win over either of them when they just lost to the top few fighters in the world, is still 5 times better than beating Kennedy. When all he did was beat Roger Gracie, which is still impressive. But unfortunately Gracie hasn't turned out to be the MMA submission monster we were hoping for.

    I do hope Gracie gets a few wins and comes back to the UFC with improved striking, to the point where he could hang. His cardio is maybe his biggest issue, but man if he had sick cardio he just might be that sub machine a lot of us expected.

  • I think Vitor wins it, Of all the "Legends" (a really nice substitute word for "OLD") who still fights these days, Vitor is the fighter who had added the most arsenals to improved his skills. I am a solid Shogun fan, but comparing Shogun, Hendo, Rampage, Vitor and others, who fought during Pride days, when MMA was about 1 or two techniques, and now where everyone knows every discipline that there is to know, may it be standing or on the ground, Vitor has evolved more as a fighter from thet group of fighters, save Anderson Silva. I would like to see Hendo fight for a belt with his remaining fights, but I think Vitor has this. Maybe Hendo at middleweight?

  • DG1

    Both are legends, but Hendo is finally starting to show his age (cardio) while Belfort isn't (TRT). Although, Belfort is most effective in the first or second round, so if it goes past the second round, who knows. But Belfort's game has evolved while Hendo's hasn't. I think Belfort will finish him in the second round.