Dan Henderson: It Was A Close Fight And I Thought I’d Won


Dan Henderson is now riding a two fight losing streak after losing on the judges scorecards at UFC 161. He faced Rashad Evans in a battle for relevance at 205lbs. lastnight, and came off worse in the judges eyes. Henderson is 42 now, and this will mark a significant point in his career.

The truth of the matter is that there probably isn’t much hope of UFC gold for Henderson, following his second consecutive loss. It’s hard to say, but I don’t think Dan has enough time to make it back to the top of such a stacked division. That being said, I’ve learnt to never count out guys like Hendo, because they can always surprise you.

Check out Hendo’s post fight interview with Ariel Helwani and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Dan Henderson has nothing left to prove in the sport of MMA.

    At his age it is unrealistic for him to be a serious threat to guys like Bones or even Anderson for that matter.

    There are still probably a few more fun fights for him to have.

  • True. He could have some good fights but the title chances are slim to none. I thought Rashad looked decent, if not his old self, but Hendo looked gassed by the second and went to the well way too much looking for that telegraphed overhand right.

  • A split decision is basically a draw. When only 3 people cant even agree on a winner.
    If there were more draws guys might press harder to make something happen.

  • D

    I don't know if I would say slim to none. He lost two really close split decisions to the #6 and #1 contenders in the UFC. He H-Bombs one top 5 guy, add in the "legend factor", and maybe an injury to another fighter, and he could be looking across the octagon at Bones Jones. If he really wanted to, he could probably campaign for, and get an immediate title shot at 185 too. It's not like there's a long line of contenders after Weidman there.

    • @mousasi so what your saying is he basically needs someone to get injured to get a title shot? That sounds like he only has slim chances since your counting on something completely down to luck.

      He lost two really close split decisions but it wasn't like this was Hendricks vs. Condit where Condit lost but still looked amazing, no in these fights both fighters looked okay at best and no where near as good as they have.

      • D

        I'm sorry your attention span is so short. I went on to say that he could easily get a title shot at 185 if he wants to drop down and challenge Silva. That's a money fight, much bigger than anything the UFC could put together with the current contenders at 185, and the UFC knows it. Also, the chances of injury in training for a UFC bout can hardly be described as "slim".

        • I agree, Hendo has gone to the "go to" to guy status. With 2 loses. its very hard to get a title shot and get it via merit. But i can see him being a last min sub.

          I can see what Kieth is saying, if Hendo didn't lose to two former champions and both top top level fighters. I mean, name one guy who looked good against machida. Even shogun when he won didn't look like he destroyed Machida.

          I mean Chael got finished by anderson and walked into a title shot and Hendo can't after 2 close loses?!

  • gm1

    STFU….never leave it to the judges….I would rather skip the interview or just saw you sucked and were sucking wind by the 2nd round.

    • you dont have to "click"

      especially if everyone has to read that dribble afterwards. Im sure Dan thinks you're pretty weak.

  • I had Hendo winning 29 – 28 (rounds 1 and 2, Suga took round 3).

  • Now imagine Hendo without TRT and think of how his latest close fights would have gone. Sorry I used to be a huge Hendo fan but I am glad he lost to Rashad. I have all the respect in the world for Hendos past but not so much his present.

    • Whewww, and I thought I wouldnt see a TRT comment.

  • he is just relying too much on that right hand. just like roy.. and they both lost. roy forgot about his BJJ and dan forgot about his wrestling. its sad.