Dan Henderson: I know I can go 100 percent


Legendary UFC Light Heavyweight Dan Henderson is no stranger to big fights with very high stakes on the line. He’s fought for the belt in multiple weight classes in Pride, and also won a UFC Tournament title. However, one thing he’s not familiar with is pulling out of fights, which is exactly what he had to do with a partially torn MCL last September.

That well-documented fiasco lead to the cancellation of his long-awaited title bout versus Jon Jones, and ultimately UFC 151 altogether. Hendo is back and ready to face off against another high-profile opponent in Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida at UFC 157. Speaking to Bleacher Report, he knows that there are no easy fights at the top, and refuses to look past Machida:

“Just like any fight nowadays, there’s a lot on the line and Lyoto’s going to be a huge challenge and I’m not looking past this fight. I just want to make sure my game plan is there and that my mind is in this fight and we’ll see what happens after that.”

Some smart words from a very experienced fighter. The February 23rd bout reportedly carries a potential number one contender’s spot for the victor, and that is paramount to Hendo’s goal.

A UFC title belt is the only piece of hardware missing from Henderson’s illustrious collection, and at 42 years old, he may be running out of time. Henderson will need to be healthy in order to beat The Dragon, something that was lacking leading up to his cancelled bout with Jones:

“The knee was very unstable. I didn’t need surgery, but I probably prolonged it a little by trying to go in and train on it, which may or may not have made the healing process a little slower. I know that it’s good now and I can go 100 percent.”

So it’s business as usual for Dan Henderson, who seems to be maintaining his trademark cool demeanor as he prepares for one of the biggest bouts of his storied career. He may be the underdog against Machida, but if history serves us correctly, Dan Henderson is only one punch away from contending for the only major title in MMA to elude him. 

  • No ever doubted you Dan

    • big fight

    • this is gonna be a knockout for henderson for sure, no doubt. lachida has been knock out by shogun while shogun got a real fight from dan. so i guess this is a highlight reel for dan.

  • At least his knee is better and he can go 100% with it.

    A deciding factor in this fight may be how long he can go full out 100% cardio wise

  • The only thing that is 100% is the ass whooping Machida is going to give him & please spare me the 90's Pride history lessons. Hendo is too old & slow, time for him to relax.

    • you could not have chosen more perfect matching name to your insanely sharp comment. Good job! 🙂

    • Not to mention, hopefully his injections go well.

      • I know MMA math doesnt work, but Shogun and Dan had a tough fight and Shogun KO'd Machida. Lets not underestimate Dan, you disrespectful terd wipes.

        • Lyoto and Shogun also had a very tough/close fight once.

          • @ichokeshit: are sure that was close? hahaha… your funny, its like your saying lebron james cant dunk.

  • 1rst round – 85% or more
    2nd round – 20% gassed out then TKO'd.

    Great win for Machida!

  • Dan can definetly go 100% on TRT

  • I think machida will probably take this one since he mostly counters and is constantly moving but hey you never know the h bomb can end the fight any given moment good luck to both dudes

    • i'm predicting Karate over TRT as well Boss

  • I'll take Hendo on this and hopefully rub their noses in it.

    • hahaha… H bomb is coming to machida and he is going down, next stop anderson silva…

  • Dan could land his H-bomb at any time of course….but the reality is that Machida is going to be, not just marginally, but much quicker than Hendo….and it's not like his timing will help as Machida is also much better there too…..If Dan is going to win this fight it's most likely going to be early….but Machida will also be dangerous early……the difference being that Machida will keep the same pace throughout the fight…..Dan will slow down….Of course, anything can happen….but I think Machida will win….as much as I like Hendo…

  • All I hope is that it's a great fight.

  • Dan's best game plan for a win is to get his hands on Lyoto, dirty box and make it ugly. Like Truth I just hope its a great fight!

  • I predict a history making simultaneous double knockout as machida lands an uppercut during a trade mark karate blitz while Hendo catches him with an overhand H bomb on the way in. They collapse into the spoon postion on the canvas. Hendo is the big spoon…