Dan Hardy plans on retiring a champion, still doesn’t respect Matt Hughes


Dan Hardy hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight lately, nor has he been a very active fighter. But according to him, there’s been reasons for his hiatus and prolonged time between fights, some of which he mentioned recently to the media. Hardy has always been a brash and outspoken fighter on whatever came to mind, never at a loss of words regarding his own career as well as others.

However one man he has shared discontent for seems to keep popping back into the conversation even after he’s retired and put himself into perpetual fighting irrelevancy.

The Dan Hardy you’re about to see is very much the same old, but if you listen carefully, he’s very much a newer much more mature version, who’s ability to be truly self-reflective and honest with himself has seemed to give him a new perspective on fighting, his career and what the future lies in store for him.

Check out what he recently had to say.

  • Still when I see this jerk off all I can think about is Carlos Condit knocking him out. Then I think about that old WWF wrestler the Red Rooster with the red mohawk. Yawn at Dan Hardly boy.

    • ohhh ripstick ( * )( * )

      • dan hardy wishes he did half the things hughes did in the sport.

        hardy will never be a ufc champion, beat gsp or be in the hall of fame!

        • D

          Actually he's on a 2 fight win streak RIGHT NOW!

          HA! FACEPOLM!

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  • "Check out what he recently had to say"… it's much easier to know when you post the video Bryan. You've been working too hard bro lol

    • lol I don't get it… I did post the video!

      • Apparently it doesnt show up for all browsers, becuase I dont have a video either.

        Antons last video post was that way too until he fixed it

  • DG1

    Earth to Dan Hardy: To be a champion, you actually have to win fights, not just run your mouth. When was the last time he won two in a row?

    • Lmao

    • naw, you dont have to win fights anymore, just trash talk or move up or down a weight class

      Dan Hardy is one of my favorite fighters, win or lose you know its going to be a good fight

    • D

      Actually he's on a 2 fight win streak RIGHT NOW!


      • DG1

        Funnied you ha!

  • He's on a two fight win streak…. so your answer would b right now, dumbass

  • Has he ever given a clear reason why he doesn't like Matt Hughes?

    • because he hunts and kills animals which is exactly what all of our ancestors did and is the reason he and all of us are alive

  • I like the guy. He's really grown on me. Oddly, he's become a favorite of mine. Listening to him in this interview and remember what he was like when he first showed up in The UFC back in 2008, he's like a completely different human being. His personal growth, at least to me, has been remarkable. And where's he's not the best fighter, he's always been TD & wrestling challenged, he, like Bisping and most of the British fighters, has improved, adapted and evolved. A pat-on-the-back to any fighter who learns from their losses and the mistakes by which they were produced.

    Regarding Matt Hughes – what a shame this fight didn't happen, but it doesn't mean it can't. Truly, this has to be the best feud in The UFC. Hardy really doesn't like the guy and I'd have to presume that Hughes would feel the same way. It would be a great fight for both, as Hardy has an advantage in the stand-up and Hughes the advantage in the wrestling and grappling departments. I'd see no reason why, if Hughes would agree to it, that this fight couldn't happen. I know I'd like to see it.

    And I agree with Hardy on Hughes job. I think The Promotion has simply created a job for him and that if, indeed the position does need to exist, that Hughes is the wrong man for the job.

    Hardy on gun control – I gather that he's for it. I wish, as an MMA fan and a big fan of The UFC in particular, that the sport could be devoid of politics. And that includes using The UFC and even Bellator, now, as a recruiting tool for the military and as implied / inferred support for every war that America and her allies wish to start, no matter what "excuses" (WMD in Iraq, for example) are. Not all fans support the Bush / Obama wars, so why is Dana shoving it down our throats all the time? To the point, I'm still waiting on an explanation why the Iraq War isn't a War Crime and those persons responsible for it, War Criminals. I just want to turn on the TV, tune in and watch great, noble warriors battle. That's all I turn to The UFC for. Nothing else.

    Matt Brown – a tough fight and a fight I"m shocked Hardy was given. I would have thought, that based off of Brown's year, that The UFC would have given him a top ten fighter. Tarec Saffiedine would have been a good bout. With that said, I'll pull for Dan over Matt (I'm a Brown fan, too) and hope that he earns a good win. If I was betting the fight though, my money would be on Brown. He's looked amazing in his last number of fights.

    Given the time-table that Hardy out-lined and the fact that it's predicated on 5 consecutive wins, inclusive of a title-shot and defense, I wonder if he'll pack it in, should he fail to put the streak together. If he does, I will wish him all the best. He's obviously a bright guy and a fighter with a lot of heart. It would be a blast to have a couple of pints with him and discuss the world.

    • He's a bright guy? Are you serious? Wow.

      • @ MD

        Yes, I was serious. That's why I posted the comment. Had I been joking, I would have let the reader know.

        He's a bright guy? Yes, he is. Did you listen to the interview? @ 3:46 he states…that his goal is to get his Doctorate (PHD), which is a long-drawn-out process and one which he must already be engaged in, given that he is 30 now and turning 31 in three months and then he intends to travel the world and pursue writing as a career.

        In my books that constitutes a bright guy. I probably should have called him a bright, focused guy. For all we know MD, he could be a brighter, more focused guy than you. At least in Hardy's case, we have some evidence to work off of.


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            What's next? Why this post, of course. You blue bus, attempting-to-read challenged, twit.

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            As to being a stalker, obsessed and a weirdo, then surely you speak of yourself, in relation to me. For you keep popping up on my posts, with all your little rants, like some small, yappy dog. Obviously you find me fascinating.

            I on the other hand, never comment on anything you post. I can honestly tell you I've never read a single thing you've ever posted. I am aware of your crap only because you post on my comments.

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            PS – I'll Facebook Dan as to your question and interest in the subject. If I hear back, I'll post the answer somewhere on a thread. Obviously, I'll have no need to tell you about it, because you'll be stalking me and I'm sure you're "attempts" to read the answer, will eventually pay-off for you and thus, you shall have your answer. Or of course, you are always free to contact and inquire from Dan directly, yourself.

            …be good.

          • Is the "blue bus" the same as the "short bus"? Just asking.

          • @ Dude

            If short bus = the "special" bus, then yes, the blue bus is the same as the short bus. 🙂

          • Yes, the "short bus" is the special bus.Thanks for the clearification! 🙂

    • What the hell is wrong with you? Commenting on a fighter's personal growth? Hardy's opinion on gun control? Noble warriors? War Crimes? This kid is fanatical. This is the most ridiculous bunch of rhetorical over thought words I have ever attempted to read.

      • @ Shit-Stick

        You "attempt" to read? Most have it mastered, by now.

        Tell us challenged one, was the bus that you road to school in blue? It might account for having to "attempt" to read.

      • it's this 'thing' called 'intelligence' my friend…… 😉

    • Matt vs Hardy would be a boring dry humpfest. Sorry.

      • @ Dude

        I disagree. I think it would have all the potential of being a great fight. It's the best feud in The UFC, because it's real. He doesn't like Hughes and I'd have to figure Hughes doesn't like him, either.

        And Hughes never had a great exit fight. No title fight or shot on the line. This would be a great fight to (truly) cap-off his career, because there's would actually be something on the line…bragging rights. Forever.

        My guess is, that fight could be great. It might not be long, but it could be great. I know I'd like to see it on a card in 2013.

        • @ MMA Truth

          "I think it would have all the potential of being a great fight."

          "Potential" being the key word here. I agree that there feud is real but that doesn't mean the fight will be good. Matt's take downs are too good and Hardy's TTD is weak but has shown that he can get back up. History has shown us over and over that the wrestler vs striker match up turns into a long boring fight that goes to the judges. Look at Rampage vs Evans.

          • @ Dude

            That's why I used the world "potential". I could not promise that it would be a great fight, but I do believe it would have all the "potential".

            I don't know that Matt's TD is that great, anymore. I don't know that it's enough to take Hardy down and keep him there. And on that issue Hardy has improved. He's also bigger, stronger, has the longer reach and better stand-up.

            All I'm saying, is that I personally would like to see it, because I know they really don't like each other and it would give us one last good Hughes fight. Something that has some meat on the bone.

            Rampage / Evans – we can find example after example that proves or disproves how styles might match-up and what may or may not be a good fight.

            Remember Maynard / Guida? That was supposed to be a war…turned out to be an absolute bore-fest.

            With all of that said though, I do hear what you're saying and it could easily be a crappy fight. Sadly ,we'll probably never know. 🙁


  • i was going with hardy in this fight and now that ive heard the word Retire i am confident brown will win possibly by KO.

  • Dan Hardy is an idiot…

  • Retire a champion of what? Tiddlywinks?