How Demian Maia became the number one contender


Damian Maia was recently announced as the replacement to the injured Vitor Belfort, to fight Anderson Silva for the Middleweight Championship on April 10 on UFC 112. This announcement took the mma world by suprise as Maia recently lost to Nate, his first ever career loss. When asked Dana White what factors resulted in Damian Maia getting the title shot, he had this to say:

“These guys are fighting now and Demian Maia’s one of the best in the world,” said White. “Obviously the guy who should get that shot right now is Chael, but he just came out of a really tough fight, he’s busted up, and Demian’s one of the best in the world.”

The biggest reason Maia got the title shot was because Sonnen was not medically cleared to fight in April, due to the cuts he sustained against his fight with Nate, this played a huge role in picking Maia, another reason was that Nate who was considered the number one contender before he fought Chael lost his match taking him out of the championship picture for now and the final reason was because Dan Henderson left UFC few months early so, the best option left was Damian Maia who is considered the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artist in this generation.

When asked what will make this fight more interesting and exciting than the Leites vs Silva fight, Dana White had this to say;

‘God, i hope he doesn’t fight like Thales Leites did.’ I thing Demian Maia is a very talented guy, he’s one of the best fighters in his weight class and i think he wants to win this title,” said White.

The two are set to face eachother on April 10th in UFC 112, it is going to be a classic example of grappler vs striker.

  • ehh…

  • I think we’re all afraid that this will be just like the Leites fight.

  • I doubt it will be like the Leites fight. Maia is much better at pulling guard (doesn’t just lie on his back with his legs in the air), plus he knows that if he does what Leites did his time in the UFC is over.

  • Demian maia made it clear that he wants to take the fight to the ground. I’m expecting this to be a boring fight…A healthy Vitor Belfort or Chael Sonnen would make a real and exciting challenge to the Spider…Having dispensed with the services of a very deserving Dan Henderson, the UFC has no choice but call Maia for the job…Hope Maia fares well…I’m 90% certain that he’s be defeated, though. Silva will outbox him and pick him apart…

  • my thoughts exactly.

  • really bad decision to get rid of hendo. he would have been the ufc’s only serious challenge to the spider

  • I’ll second that. Unlike Leites, Maia has shown some pretty clever chinch and take down work. I just wonder if he can get inside with his jaw intact.

  • “chinch”… heh heh… sounds like an orangutan grappling technique.

  • Anderson way to much for this guy.

  • Isn’t it interesting that if they had just given Hendo the title shot he wanted they wouldn’t have any of these problems. Letting Hendo go is going to cost the UFC millions at this rate.

  • No, i dont think silva is way to much for maia, everybody thought at some point of maia career hes going to be the middle weight champion before he lost to nate, but just because he lost one fight doesn’t mean he’ll get knocked out again, he still has what it takes to beat silva and we all no silva’s submission defense is his weakest part of his game

  • I think Maia will look to Strike and not lay in the mat like waiting for a hooker like Leita did. I hope is a good fight and Anderson presses the attack on his feet and ground.

  • Guys stop complaining before the fight . We are all agree that it would be better if anderson was fighting vitor. But maia is a good fighter too. We will see what will happen , a fight can always bring good surprises . Maybe it will suck like leites vs anderson fight …. But i dont think so .

  • Maia is a serious challenge, you can never count out a guy who was 5 times world jiu jitsu champion. Anderson has been submitted before and Maia is a ****ing beast on the ground.

  • He’s not the number one contender, he’s #3.

  • #3 or #4, I wouldn’t put him before Nate.

  • but Marquardt vs Silva is far more attractive imo.

  • Silva has had the most trouble with wrestlers, and with the wrestling based destruction that Nate got from Chael, I think Chael deserves the shot (nobody has ever dominated Nate like that). He’ll get it after Anderson knocks Maia’s lights out.

  • against Anderson Silva in his class there is interesting fight, so if silva wants to extend his control and make the fight but long, silva dominates its class, easily better than all other categories. silva go and become the king of the UFC in modern times. dominate other categories as did Griffin

  • Not to do MMA math here, but Maia ate Chael alive.