Cyborg Santos Turned Down Rousey Fight Over Money, Not Weight Issues


It is well documented that earlier this year Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos and Manager Tito Ortiz turned down a fight with Ronda Rousey at UFC 157. The match would have marked the first ever WMMA bout in the UFC, and apparently Cyborg and Ortiz claimed that disagreements about the weight cut to 135 were to blame for the breakdown. Not the case according to MMAFighting:

“While (match weight) was at the center of most conversations in the media regarding the inability to make the Cyborg-Rousey fight, it was not the deal-breaker it’s been reported to be. During the ongoing negotiations, which lingered for about two months, the promotion agreed to pay for the services of a dieting and nutrition consultant like Dolce. The biggest issue, according to Cyborg’s management firm Primetime 360, was Zuffa treating Cyborg as a bit player rather than an event co-star.”

It would seem extremely foolish to turn down a historic fight in the UFC against the number one fighter over money negotiations, but then again having Tito as your manager could make you do a lot of crazy things. Things could be so different had Cyborg beaten Rousey back at UFC 157.

Would it be for the better though? Cyborg doesn’t have half the marketability of Ronda Rousey, or most of the other female fighters around right now. Can you imagine Santos getting a spot on the Maxim hot 100? I’m not ragging on Cyborg for looking dude-ish, I’m merely observing that a big part of Rousey’s (and WMMA’s) success is it’s ability to be sold as a package. I don’t know if the world is ready to have a 135lb. female UFC champion that could probably give Cain Velasquez a good run for his money.

Or is it the opposite? Would it be better to have a pioneer for WMMA that doesn’t double as a glamour model? A female fighter that represents the sport professionally but is as pure a fighter as their male counterparts?

This is all hypothetical at the moment, but say Santos destroys all the lower tier and gets a call to the UFC, destroys Rousey and claims the crown-Would that be the end, or a new beginning for WMMA?

  • I have to say, I think Dana will try and make this match not happen for a while until he gets his bucks from Rousey and the public get a better idea of who Cyborg is so he can make more bucks. If Cyborg kills Rousey it will likely be bad for promotion money which is most of the money right now. Dana is not a true to the soul fan of MMA he is of money though and this fight makes no sense until Rousey can be replaced for that very reason. Tate and others are far more marketable and so he will be glad to send in either far inferior fighters to Rousey or high marketability ones. I would want Rousey to win as she has not been caught with roids and is simply hotter.

    • Agreed. Dana wants his golden goose to lay a few more golden eggs before Cyborg faces Ronda. Ronda is good, but cyborg is legit and could do to Ronda when she did to Gina. And look what happened to WMMA once Gina was gone.

      *****, i personally believe this should be a sport. I couldn't give a hot f*ck if Tom Brady was ugly as a mut. I dont tune in to see pretty faces. I tune into to watch football. Same as MMA. I want to see the best. Not who sells the most magazines.

    • Because you only see 1 women's fight on a UFC card, I don't think its a big risk having Rhonda fight and potentially lose to cyborg because the men can carry the PPV. There would be rematches as well if Rhonda ever lost.

      But tito ortiz specifically stated at a press conference that Cyborg could not make weight, he even went as far as to bring scales to show spectators why she couldn't make 135. Where does the truth lie in all this.

      Everyone now though wants Rhonda's fame and money.

    • are you sure about this one, y did they pose naked in some magazine issue without any payment?

  • the fact is…no one wants to see a mannish woman beat up a hottie. it would be bad for the sport and business!

  • In my opinion, especially for the women, looks should be left out of it. If they are like like Rousey and a stunning young woman, great but if not who cares.

    If this is actually true, Cyborg should have taken the fight.
    If she wants more money and more star power in the UFC's eyes, there would be no better way than beating Rousey.
    That chance may still be down the road but she definitely blew her chance of doing it on such a historic event.

    • Agreed.

    • But wouldn't it be all the more fantastic if Rousey continues to steamroll people with her s-e-x-y a-s-s jiu-jitsu, and stunning looks? I vote yes please!

  • …" but then again having Tito as your manager could make you do a lot of crazy things."


    Hilarious, man. Freaking Tito can't any respect anywhere, man. LOL!!

    Whose your manager? Tito Ortiz….LOL!!!

  • I'd have to disagree with the premise that her turning down the fight for monetary purposes was a bad thing. If the UFC offered her something like 20/20 over 5 fights, and she was to win she'd be severely underpaid. If she goes to Invicta and trounces 3 or 4 girls, while Ronda does the same there will be a inherent want for Ronda to face somebody that actually challenges her. Enter Cyborg.

  • i am sorry but that is one fugly mofo what ever it is