Cyborg Santos says Ronda Rousey is running from her, talks UFC release


Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos feels that Ronda Rousey is running from her as she talks about her desire to be released from the UFC.


Video provided by UFC-release/”>Fight Hub TV

  • Don't see Rousey asking to be released from the UFC.

  • Ummm… Her lips look A LOT bigger than I remember.

    And on a side note, whoever said she's secretly Bigfoot in disguise… I think you might be on the money. She sounds just like him, but on helium.

    • @Bryan….just press stop on the video if you find that her lips are making you walk around on three legs all day.

  • she would scissor the shit out of rousey!!!

    • Scissor?

      I'm pretty sure when she thinks about Rousey, she wants to wax that a- …

      Oh wait… She has to cut back on the stanozolol now that she got caught. Nevermind!

    • I love that episode.

  • Two questions:

    Do 'roids change your voice?

    Who is this Chito person?

  • I would run from you too you juiced up monkey.

  • @alexz….i think he already knew that…lol….it wasn't a rhetorical question……

    ….i don't think Cyborg is running from Rousey at all…'s clear to see that she's built like a man so it's no big suprise really that she can't make 135lbs…..she struggles to even make 145lbs but has agreed to drop to 140lbs to fight Rousey… would be easier for Rousey to go up for this fight….she's fought at various higher weight classes……i'd LOVE to see this fight but i can't see it happening any other way really…..I can also understand her decision to ask for release seeing as there's simply no fights there at all…..there isn't even a 145lbs division yet so…..i think she'll end up with Invicta but we'll see……be a big shame if this fight doesn't happen man….

  • I think she could make 135… but on the other hand she does have a point. She came in via Strikeforce out of the 145 division, which is where she feels good and at her best, it's kind of nonsense to FORCE her to drop down a weightclass cause you've got a women division pretty much on a "trial" base and refuse to add a 145 weightclass. Just like how they find opponents for Rousey in her 135 weightclass, they should do the same for their fighters at 145. I see why the UFC is not ready to commit to that yet, but on the other hand u can't really say Santos is at fault here…. The UFC should just acquire Invica FC (which i'm sure they will within the next 18 months especially if the Rousey event is a success!)

    • Just about the only reply here worth reading Experience1.

  • i knew cyborg did steroids but i didn't know she smokes rocks also, nice

  • I tewr Cheeto I be ready!

  • Chito is paying Cyborg to let her manage her,he's paying with "botox",the payment plan took an awful turn and now Evanlegista is mad,he want's Chito next!!!

    • Yeah… Chito referred her to the same doctor Jenna uses.

      What the hell is up with her calling him Chito anyway? At first I figured it must be the brazilian accent… But none of the other brazilians have problems pronouncing T's.

      Hell, she doesn't even have pronouncing T's either, or else she would be sayin Chicho! What the hell?!?!

  • Nanananana. You're running from her dude.

  • She's actually a very nice person outside of the ring. Internet warriors will always hate. I bet 1/2 the guys here couldn't even find a date nor less buy one.
    2ndly, she would also probably kick everyone's ass on this page.

    • I'm sure she would kick my ass, but can you honestly say it's wrong that many people lost respect for her when the most dominant woman in womans MMA was caught for steroids?

      Not because shes a woman, but because of her legacy of being on top. It's like if A Silva, GSP, or Jones got caught for roids.