Cyborg: Miesha Tate has more weapons to defeat ‘mentally sick’ Ronda Rousey, but I don’t care who wins


The drama between UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate continues to fuel the nineteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. The long-standing beef of the champ and challenger appears to have become the central point of the show, and it may be beginning to leech focus from the actual competitors living in the house.

UFC President Dana White pointed this out on last night’s episode after a spat erupted between the camps of Coaches Rousey and Tate. It was surprising to hear White’s desire to cut down on all the “b******t drama,” but he does have a point. Ultimately, the show is about the fighters clawing for a chance to fight in the Octagon, but it is also an outlet to hype the huge rematch between Rousey and Tate that will go down in December at UFC 168.

There’s another fighter who Rousey was long-rumored to be facing off with, but the drama just couldn’t be solved long enough to get a contract signed. That woman is Invicta Featherweight champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino. Justino recently spoke to MMA Fighting to give her own take on the show:

“Ronda is a little mentally sick. Miesha is more focused. I don’t know if that’s because Ronda is younger, more competitive. The mental aspect can affect her, but what makes you win inside the Octagon is training. Everybody knows what Ronda does and I believe Miesha will come more prepared this time. Unfortunately, everybody knows what she’ll do and still let her do it. I’m watching the TUF season, and I believe Miesha has more weapons to defeat Ronda. But I don’t really care who wins this fight, though.”

Those are some strong words from “Cyborg,” who couldn’t reach an agreement on a weight class in order to face off with Rousey in the UFC. Many think that the two bulldozers will eventually face off regardless, and they could, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz manages Justino, and his well-documented rift with White might cause a few roadblocks in negotiations, to say the least. Still, “Cyborg” still thinks it’s inevitable:

“The only thing stopping this fight to happen now is the weight, but I don’t care about the belt. I want to this fight for the fans in a catchweight because she used to fight in my division and then dropped. If I keep knocking people out, nothing will hide what I’m doing. (Dana White) won’t stop me. Every MMA fan wants to watch to see me in the UFC. I’m happy at Invicta FC, and I want to represent Invicta FC in the UFC. The more I grow, they won’t be able to protect Ronda from me anymore.”

That may be the case, but White and the UFC are known for not giving into the demands of seemingly rigid fighters. The UFC let Justino go rather easily when Strikeforce was absorbed into the promotion, signaling that they simply don’t need her to keep their female division running strong. And they most likely don’t. However, a “Cyborg” vs. Rousey bout could potentially be the biggest women’s fight of all time.

Or, we could just already have that bout scheduled for December 28th. Justino may think that Tate has more ways to win at UFC 168, but Rousey’s way is far more lethal than any one thing Tate possesses in the cage. What are your thoughts on “Cyborg’s” trash talk of Rousey?

  • cyborg all the way.

  • "it" it's coming for ya Honda!

  • lol tought it where a dude in the picture before i read the topic..

  • Say what you want but i would lay pipe on her!!

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      HeHe 'lay pipe' Hadn't heard that before. That is funny.

  • After Rousey trashed Cyborg so badly in public, I cant say I wouldn't mind seeing Rousey's face busted up.

  • What a smart idea choosing a manager that has the worst relationship with the UFC boss.

    • But didnt Dana put the "***" in the hall of fame? We know he wouldnt do that for Shamrock.

  • Cyborg would punch Rousey so hard in the face her mole would go flying into the stands!