Cyborg Issues Ultimatum To UFC Front Office


Cris Cyborg wants to get back into the Octagon right away.

The former Invicta FC featherweight champion made her UFC debut back in May of last year when she defeated Leslie Smith via first round knockout in her hometown of Curitiba, Brazil. She followed that performance up with a second round finish over UFC newcomer Lina Lansberg just four months later.

The Brazilian is on a ridiculous 17-fight win streak, and was just cleared of a potential United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) violation after being granted a retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). She is free to compete when called upon, however, she has received no such call.

Cyborg took to Twitter to blast UFC officials for not booking her a fight yet, despite the fact that her management has reached out to the promotion multiple times in attempt to make an arrangement:

The UFC recently implemented a female 145-pound division after Germaine de Randamie defeated former bantamweight champion Holly Holm for the inaugural title. Justino had called for a female featherweight division in the UFC since signing with the promotion, but was unable to participate in the inaugural bout due to weight cutting complications.

Now that she’s ready to get back into the Octagon, will Cyborg be the next challenger for de Randamie’s featherweight title?

  • ernesto chavez

    Perhaps Ms. Justino, none of the women in your division want to fight you. Therefore, the UFC has to have these women fight each other several times before they allow you to kick all their butts.

    They, I believe, want drama as in the WWE before you’re allowed to clean house. Also, you pissed off the bully, girly-man, Mr. White and must pay the price to this very vindictive person.

  • Bill Wolf

    The women’s 145lb division doesn’t really exist. It has a belt but lacks contestants.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Good lord
    Release her

    I dont know how popular she’s going to be on the ellen show,
    as a crossover star,
    And I dot know how popular she’s gonna be with hard core MMA fans

    She’s basically Gearge foreman reachig for doughnutts,
    but without the good personality

    • Cindi Martin

      OMFG you don’t know how popular she’s going to be on Ellen & don’t know how popular she’s going to be with hardcore MMA fans? Here’s a clue…Hardcore fans have known for years she’s the baddest female fighter to ever step into the cage – and so does Dana & crew, which is why they made sure Rhonda never fought her…and Rhonda did too in Strikeforce, specifically dropping a weight class to avoid fighting her after competing in her weight class…known around the world as the best female fighter ever, a huge draw world wide…and only loss in 10 years was to a multi-time Muay Thai champion she fought in her spare time, in a Muay Thai match…even then it went to decision. Get fucking real.

      • Samuel Mitchell

        There are also many hardcore fans that don’t give one shit about her and the fact that she’s just a whiny dope. And Ellen? Really? That’s a selling point?

  • Samuel Mitchell

    Piss on Cyborg. The UFC has bent over backwards for her and all she does is cry and call fights with no names from different weight classes Superfights. She’s useless and they just need to dump her and scrap 145.