Cyborg: Ronda Rousey Knew It Was Impossible For Me To Make 135


Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino is finally set to make her UFC debut in a catchweight bout against Leslie Smith at May 14’s UFC 198 from Curitiba, Brazil.

Although it won’t be the long sought upon super fight with former bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey, it is a good sign to see the Brazilian slugger finally make her way over to the Octagon.

One thing to note, however, is that the UFC doesn’t have a featherweight division for female fighters. With that being said, Justino will likely have to continuously fight at catchweights, or find some way to cut down to the 135 pound limit.

While some fighters, including reigning UFC champion Miesha Tate, have expressed their willingness to fight “Cyborg” at a catchweight, Rousey has never seemed to budge.

Recently speaking on the matter, Justino admitted that a fighter can’t be pushed into a fight, although she is hopeful that Rousey will accept a bout at 140 pounds with her upon the “Rowdy” one’s return:

“You know, you can’t push a fighter into a fight, it’s better for them to compete because they want to challenge themselves. I like to challenge myself. I’m an MMA world champ, but I fought the Muay Thai world champ because I like to challenge myself. Maybe I’ll lose, maybe I’ll win, but I’ll be getting better.”

“I think when Ronda comes back to fight, all of the fans want to watch me fight her. She has talked about me in the past, she has pushed the idea of this fight, but after that said I had to make 135lbs to fight her, because she knew it was impossible for me. Now I’m in a 140lbs catchweight division, so if she wants to challenge herself and not just talk, we can make the fight happen.” Justino told Bloody Elbow.

As far as Tate and Holly Holm, another former UFC champion, go, “Cyborg” respects them all, but once again admits that she can’t make these highly intriguing bouts happen herself:

“I respect Holly Holm. She’s a great fighter and she has had big changes in her life now. She’s a good person. Miesha Tate is a good person too. I’m here to fight anyone, but fighters either want to challenge themselves or not, and I can’t change that. I can only control myself and challenge myself, so I just have to focus on May 14th, making 140lbs and fighting Leslie Smith.”

What do you expect from “Cyborg’s” future in the UFC?

  • james

    Pretty sure if she changed her strength and conditioning program she could easily make 135. It may take 9 months to a year. No big deal. I competed in three between folk/judo in the winter and freestyle in the summer one year in college. Folk I cut, judo pretty much stayed natural and freestyle I lowered my all around weight because I wanted serious cardio. If she wasn’t built like a tank a would agree but come on she obviously is jacked and that is her choice.

    • Mike

      Too many people are too foolish to agree with you and many just wabt to blame ronda becauee they dont like her when cyborg juicing is the issue

  • apocalypse123

    when it comes down to it, the ufc is not willing to give cyborg a divsion, and that just doesn’t sit well with her. it wasn’t just ronda rousey, the ufc knew she couldn’t make 135, that’s why they tried to make her fight at 135 in invicta to prove she could do it. she seemed so sure she was going to then redacted and acted like she was scared for her babymaker. now she’s saying ronda was scared this whole time. i love how all this talk comes long after ronda is dethroned and out of the picture.

    • Mike

      You think she deserves.a devision? How many women fight at 145? It isnt worth a division.

  • Juchi

    Cyborg’s weight coach told her she could safely make 135 but somehow Rousey knew she could not? Okay.

    She always looking for a challenge but with the exception of Coenen and Carano, her 15+ fights have been against girls that either had to move up in weight to fight her, didn’t have a winning record or whose victories were against unranked fighters. I like her idea of a challenge. Refuse to meet a former Flyweight (Akano) at a catch weight of 140 and insist that she come all the way up to 145, then come in at 152 at weigh-in and refuse to try to lose any additional weight. Real class act.