Countdown To UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman Full Video


UFC 162 is just a matter of days away, the main event of Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman has had us debating non stop for weeks now. There are plenty of fans, and fellow athletes, that think Chris Weidman is the man to beat Silva. Any bout including one of the greatest fighters of all time will spark a debate from the moment it’s announced and for months after.

Silva’s reign at the top of the UFC’s Middleweight division is unparalleled in the history of the organization. With the retirement of Fedor Emelianenko, Silva is without a doubt the best P4P fighter on the planet. I agree with the general consensus though, Weidman is going to be Silva’s toughest ever test.

His wrestling and grappling prowess is so advanced, he is a superb athlete and he is light years ahead of any of Silva’s recent opponents. Well rounded, tough, conditioned and hungry- all great strengths to have in pro MMA. Also, Weidmans biggest strength is Silva’s biggest weakness. In the two fights with Sonnen, Silva was taken down almost at will. Had Sonnen had an ounce of offensive BJJ, it may have been Sonnen vs. Weidman for the title at UFC 162.

In no way does this mirror the challenge that Weidman is facing at UFC 162, not by a long shot. He faces, in Silva, a pure martial artist. Someone who can finish you from anywhere, at any time. A precise and violent striker, a BJJ wizard and someone who can play serious mind games. The question is- Who can implement their game plan first?

If the answer is Weidman then we will likely have a new champion. If Silva keeps it on the feet and stuffs takedowns, he is going to pick apart Weidman and probably put him away. That being said, if Weidman keeps Silva on his back, Silva can still sub you. We saw that in the first Sonnen fight, where Silva took a relentless beating on the mat but still managed to pull out a win.

Weidman has overcome a fair amount of adversity in his career as well though, but being 9-0 to Silva’s 33-4 means that Silva has a wealth of experience to rely on. At UFC 162 it really could go either way, and I’m pumped to find out how it will go down!

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