Conor McGregor Wants Diego Sanchez Fight In Ireland Next Year


Conor McGregor has made quite the impact since joining the UFC earlier this year, knocking out Marcus Brimage in his April debut and following up with a decision win over Max Halloway at Boston’s stacked fight night event.

McGregor went in to the second UFC fight carrying a lot of hype, but picked up an ACL tear and has been sidelined since that night in August. In the time during his absence, McGregor has proved to be one of the biggest trash talkers in the sport.

As well as calling out pretty much all of the top 10 Featherweights in the promotion, ‘Notorious’ has also been eying fights at 155. A pretty heated beef has developed between C-McG and perennial Lightweight contender Diego Sanchez. Although it has mainly been a ‘come at me bro’ type of affair until today. Check out what the two had to say to each other via Twitter:

McGregor is pretty high up on my list of fighters to watch in 2014, in fact he is pretty much top and Sanchez’ style makes for very exciting matches. A potential bout between McGregor and ‘The Dream’ could be an early front runner for FOTY in 2014.

Sanchez is coming off a FOTN, and possibly FOTY earning scrap against Gil Melendez at UFC 166. A scrap that Sanchez lost by decision, in only his third fight in a two year span.

‘The Dream’ has been an active pro fighter since 2002, and at age 31 may well have seen his best days. He would still, in my opinion, provide an awesome litmus test for the surging Irish native and imagine the fireworks just at the weigh-ins.

  • lol, sorry Connor Diego lives in New Mexico, thats a state in the USA just west of Texas along the border.
    Make that fight happen.

    • That would be like someone calling me out as a Irish-German, yet been in Texas ail my life born here.

      • The more I hear from this Scottish fighter the more I like him, but why does he want to fight a guy from New Mexico in Ireland?

  • Could be an interesting fight.

  • There is a big difference between the talent of Brimage and Diego Sanchez. Connor is not going to run through Diego.

    Overall its an awesome fight should it be booked

  • I see fireworks written all over this match….
    Go Ireland.

  • Vic

    Why Ireland when this fight mights as well could be done in Boston? 😉
    No excuses for Sanchez then!

  • Well, we know Diego isn't going to say "no" either way……. War Sanchez!

  • I'd like this fight to happen… cause i wanna see Sanchez shut this annoying lil brattttt up already!

    • I think if Diego keeps rushing in and takes it to the ground he could submit Connor but in a stand up war it will be worse than when he fought Penn in my opinion. Connor seems like one of the best strikers in there and very crafty and unorthadox. I still think Connor is biting big in this one though and is probably hoping Diego keeps the fight standing. After seeing what Diego did on his last outing I honestly would be surprised if Connor was ready for that kind of war.

  • I got McGregor

  • It all depends how good his boxing really is. Penn destroyed Diego with straight up boxing skills.

    • Do u Think penn and diego would end the same today as it did then? Jw

    • Are you seriously gonna reference Diego's boxing from 4 years ago? Come on dude…. on top of that you're talking about BJ Penn.

      • Diego has the exact same technique as he did back then, moves forward and swings. Technical boxers have been his kryptonite.
        Him being tough as nails has made him famous, similar to Diaz.
        If Penn just finished a training camp last week, he would beat Diego again.

        • He does not…. same style? sure…. same technique? no, much improved. Would BJ beat his a-s-s up again? No doubt about it…. !! but Conor McGregor is no BJ Penn… nor will he ever be!


  • I'd say one thing to Conor on this, don't go to the ground with him and sure as heck, don't let him get on top of you.

  • This guy is riding his on hype train, he is a good fighter but his ****-yness is the thng that turn me off

  • ooh so even C-o-c-k-y is censored lol