Conor McGregor Talks His Knee Injury Against Max Holloway


At tonight’s UFC Fight Night 26 from TD Bank garden in Boston, Massachusetts, vaunted Featherweight prospect Conor McGregor fought an impressive one-sided decision victory over young fighter Max Holoway. Mcgregor showed some varied strikes and looked strong, but was disappointed that he didn’t earn the finish. 

This was attributed to a knee injury that he suffered in the second round. Check out his post-fight interview from MMA H.E.A.T. to get McGregor’s thoughts. Who should he fight next?



  • This guy's pretty awesome

  • Yeah, I know that rolling hit he did, haha. Crazy shot for mma – you can loose your position very easy!

  • He's pretty down the Earth. Cocky only in confidence. He'll improve quickly as well.

  • He has talent but fights very upright and doesn't move his head a lot. An aggressive, elite opponent will make him pay for that.

    • Watch the Ivan Buchinger fight, (I was cage side for that mental atmosphere), tell me he doesn't have head movement then ",
      But I know what you mean about the stance…. however I think that's what allows him to throw the diversity of kicks from that range, then slip into boxing mode wen in tight.
      Solid fighter and really impressed with his grappling.