*UPDATED* Conor McGregor Out For 10 Months With Torn ACL, Assault On The Top 10 Will Have To Wait


UFC Featherweight Conor McGregor recorded his second win in the Octagon in as many tries when he defeat Max Holloway at last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 26 from Boston. He received a rousing ovation from the Irish-American fans, and was apologetic that he could not finish his opponent. Sadly enough, he also got a torn ACL, MCL, and cartiliage for his efforts, injuries that will sideline him for at least ten months.

It’s a huge blow to the momentum of McGregor, who could have faced a noticeable step up in competition later this year.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to just whom McGregor will face next, but unfortunately now, it’s going to be a long while off. While former TUF winner Diego Brandao readily accepted a fight with McGregor, “Notorious” took to Twitter to give his take on every single Featherweight in the Top-10, and not a whole lot of it was positive:

McGregor may deem champion Jose Aldo “safe” because he failed to deliver punishment like people are accustomed to when he beat an injured Chan Sung Jung at the main event of UFC 163 earlier this month. He also believes Chad Mendes and Frankie Edgar to be true Bantamweights fighting at 145, Cub Swanson is “old,” and that “nobody cares” about the surging Ricardo Lamas.

It’ll be intersting to see just where the UFC Featherweight division is when McGregor returns to fighting. Hopefully the injury won’t have any lasting effects on the Irish fighter, but his hype train will be significantly derailed for the time being. 

  • I say-Clay Guida.

    Send him to the gate. Lets see if he can pass the keeper.

    • I agree. In fact, I feel that he stands a good chance against some of the top 10 fighters but there is not way he will make past the likes of Edgar and Aldo.

      • Would LOVE to see him up against the "old" Cub Swanson, i think i would have Cub winning this one but it would be a barn burner, that's for sure.

      • I don't think he can beat Aldo but he would be a terrible match for Edgar in my opinion.

  • Conor McGregor is bad ***. But…

    Mendes would give him a long night.
    Edgar – ditto.
    Cub Swanson – fight of the night all over it.

  • Thanks for your opinion Conor McGregor. At least he knows that talking trash is the way to jump people in rankings.

  • Connor McGregor is setting himself up for a major fall. The guy has had two fights in the UFC and there are people out there talking smack about Matt Brown who is a veteran and on a massive win streak getting overlooked. People need to wake up and start appreciating guys like Matt Brown rather than getting their knobs pulled by Dana White and the media over some new guy.

    • Brown's not that much further ahead. Great winstreak. Mediocre competition.

  • Conor McGregor is injured, out 10 months 🙁

    • This should've been included when mentioning Aldo & TKZ being sidelined right now.

  • On his statements, I doubt he could handle the wrestling of Mendes, Lentz, Gudia or Lamas but honestly I think he can strike with anyone in the division.
    Out of the elite guys he named, I think he would at least give a tough outing and maybe even beat beat Poirier, Koch, Siver and TKZ.
    I don't even think it's shocking to suggest he could strike with Cub and get a decision in a fight either.

    Seriously though… how sick would McGregor against any of these top guys be? Incredible fights…. a shame we have to wait 10 months due to hsi injury.

    I always say it but this is easily my favourite division.

  • I actually like his chances against guys like Guida, Koch, KZ, Lamas, and Cub. His wrestling seems to have grown well from his match with Holloway. Even though he didn't get a stoppage he showed grit, and smarts to grapple his way to a decision after plan A didn't work (although it went against the whole "I'd never lay my way to a decision victory" crap).

    However, I think Mendes, Aldo, and Edgar take him to school.

  • Step aside Bisping, the UFC has a new official A$$ CLOWN. You had a great run Mike, but this McGregor idiot makes you look like the nicest fighter on the planet. Can't wait to see the IRISH A-HOLE to get his first taste of defeat in the UFC, and it's coming. Wow, you beat Max Holloway by UD, big frigging deal. Wait to you face a real contender…..

    • He's just stirring things up for himself and it's guys like you that are going to get him the fights he wants.lol. Bisping was a lot worse than this when he started in the UFC and there are plenty that have gone a lot farther than this to get fights they want. Sonnen, Ali, Tyson, Koscheck. He's got a bit of a sense of humor too which is not liked by many that are fans of the guys he pokes fun at. I agree with what he said except for nobody caring about Lamas and Porier being an actual pea head.

      • He is cocky and I am not a huge fan of that attribute but it is more down to confidence just like Jones had. He had great things to say about his opponents after his fights just like the Diaz brothers do, but he wants to climb fast and not wait around like a load of other people trying to get the easy way to the title shot. This guy will be thrown in deep quickly and if he survives he will be the next Jon Jones.

        • the next jon jones, bahahahhaahhaha

          • Hey man only if he becomes champ is all I meant. I just meant the way nobody thought Jones was ready when he got the shot and nobody thinks Conor is there yet either but if he does do it he will be like Jones in that respect as a huge hype train proving to be even better than people imagined. When people saw Jones face Bonnar nobody was thinking it was a performance for a belt holder since Jones was starting to lose in the 3rd and was saved by there only being 3 rounds.

          • Man you really have to explain yourself on this site. Remember I said IF.

          • Let it slide man, just….let it slide.

    • Damn Cage, did he bang your sister or something?

  • i really dont think he can hang with Cub…. Edgar would whoop him and so would Lamas and Mendes…

    • ***** he's out for 10 months though (which will probably be a little longer as in many cases) I like the kid..

  • This is simply McGregor trying to get a fight with a top 10 opponent. Would of liked to see him against some of the guys he's mentioned. Alas, torn ACL puts him on the shelf.

  • Damn hope hes not out for two years like Cruz. I bet once hes back people are going to purposely target his knees.