Conor McGregor Goes Off On Reporter: Watch Me Take Over Boxing


UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor made headlines yet again after he walked out with debuting pro boxer Michael Conlan to his fight at the world famous Madison Square Garden in New York, NY on Friday (March 17th, 2017). When he walked out, the crowd went crazy, which was an appropriate appearance for the Irishman on St. Patrick’s Day. Conlan picked the right night to walk out with the champ as he proceeded to win with a third round technical knockout.

McGregor also hyped his rumored boxing match with Floyd Mayweather at the event, and he went off on Dan Rafael, who is a boxing writer at ESPN. McGregor stated that he would shock the whole world.

“You’re the boxing guy? I’m the boxing guy! Watch me take over boxing, trust me on that. Floyd does not, no one of his boxing game knows what’s coming. Trust me on that, when I step in there I’m gonna shut the whole goddamn world. Trust me on that! Look me in the eyes, 28 years of age, confident as a mudderfucka, long, rangy, dangerous with every hand, trust me, I’m gonna stop Floyd. You’re all gonna eat your words, the world is gonna eat their words.”

“When is it gonna happen?” asked the reporter. ”We’re gettin’ close, don’t worry about it. I’m out of here. I am boxing!”

Bob Arum was the next person in line or this case, the frame, but he didn’t have much to say about the matter except for the fact that it’s for Conlan.

  • Shock Wave

    Let’s see if Conor goes to a Grappling tournament and make the same claim…
    oh right, Conor don’t get grappling.
    This guys mouth will be his downfall.

  • bananaboy

    with that kind of cardio? hahah i dont think so

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      He does seem to have a little trouble going 3-5 rounds doesn’t he

      I never really considered how much of a sitting duck that could make him against Floyd dancing around him for 12 rounds

      Floyd might be able to just avoid him for 3-5 and then potshot him to death for 7

  • doublehalf21

    Just selling the fight.