Conor McGregor & Paulie Malignaggi Collide At Intense Faceoff In Las Vegas

MMA Fighting on YouTube

Just four days out from the so-called biggest combat sporting event of all-time, much of the focus surrounding Mayweather vs. McGregor is still on the UFC champion’s beef with former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi.

The drawn-out drama, which centered on McGregor supposedly knocking Malignaggi down during a sparring session he was brought in to ‘help’ McGregor with and the subsequent damage it supposedly did to his reputation, has taken center stage for much of the discussion about the UFC champion’s boxing match with undefeated great Floyd Mayweather Jr. this weekend in Las Vegas.

It’s not cooling down, either, as the two enemies got into a heated faceoff during the arrivals for Mayweather vs. McGregor today, prompting more speculation that the two will eventually square off in a boxing match. Check out the scene courtesy of MMA Fighting¬†on YouTube right here:

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  • JamesC

    Paulie is embarrassing himself. He should just not talk and he would come off better. This wont matter after Saturday. If Paulie’s account is accurate it will be obvious when Floyd picks him apart. Nobody will see Conor box again. If Connor is accurate he will be competitive with Floyd in which case people aren’t going to want to see a Paulie fight. They will want a Paquiao or Canelo fight with Connor.