Conor McGregor ‘Knows’ He Would Beat Floyd Mayweather In Rematch

Photo: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor may have lost his spectacle of a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather by TKO in the tenth round last month (August 26, 2017), but the brash UFC lightweight champ is back to blast Mayweather after a brief hiatus.

He told Caroline Pearce at “An Evening with Conor McGregor” in Glasgow, Scotland (quotes via MMA Fighting) that he believes he would win a rematch with “Money” considering what he saw in their first fight, even if he did lose:

“What’s sickening me is that the little motherf**ker is retired now. I know if I went another go with him, under boxing rules, I’d get that win. I know that. I know by the feeling of him in the first fight. He had to change his whole approach. He fought completely different than he ever fought. He couldn’t figure out what I was doing early on.

“With the lessons I learned from that first fight, if I had another go now, I’d get him. At the same time, he’s 50-0 and he’s getting on, I’m not gonna start calling him out. I’m happy to see a fighter (do well).”

Steve Flynn for USA TODAY Sports

McGregor stuck to his stance of supposedly ‘not calling Mayweather out’ (even though he said he’d defeat after losing him), reiterating that he wasn’t going to chase Mayweather around, but rather fight and wait to see “Money” did with his latest monster payday, and perhaps even meet him in a MMA cage:

“It’s a dangerous game we’re in. I’m not gonna start calling him out. I’ll sit back and wait and I’ll fight,” he said. Let’s see how he handles this round of money. I might get the phone call again and we may do it again. Originally, he said an MMA fight next. He was talking about an MMA fight next.

“That’s what he said before the fight. So, what’s he going to do? Does he want another fight? In my head I’m thinking, get one of these boxing guys to come over into my world now.”

The obvious consensus is that boxers would be demolished in the octagon just like McGregor eventually was by “money” in the boxing ring, something that “The Notorious” finally admitted during the interview.

But he stopped short of admitting pure defeat by shifting the discussion to the many times he had Mayweather’s back and was forced to reset, a position he thinks would have ended the fight right away in a MMA contest.

With that established, McGregor even went as far as to say that he ‘sold himself’ out to fight along such limiting rules:

“I got beat. I got beat under that ruleset. I’m not going to start giving off like that. I accepted the rules, and I was beat in the rules.

“Make no mistake, every time I took his back in that f**king fight and the referee separated us, in a real fight it’s done right there. That was the part for me that I had to get over the most.

“I almost feel like I sold myself out. I put so many skills and so many shots in my back pocket for a paycheck and big event and that’s been messing with my head a little bit.”

  • Draven

    Don’t kid yourself, Mayweather toyed around with you and beat you the first time. He’ll beat your ass again if a rematch ever occurs.

  • HeteroFriendly

    Aside from all the other millions of subtle differences, a friend of mine who used to box told me that boxing punches are very different.

    I keep tripping out of that one picture still of Mayweather hitting conny in the face with a punch that looks like its coming from his midsection upwards, but its not an uppercut, and his elbow is bent and its not even extended, and conny’s face is all smooshed in slow motion like somebody is hitting him with a head kick.

    Its a different sport.
    Like nascar and offroad rally racing both involve cars but they’re different skills.

    • HeteroFriendly

      But although he’s not gonna beat mayweather, that doesn’t mean conny isn’t good enough to make millions doing boxing. He’s probably good enough to beat a lot of guys, or at least a lot of guys with beneficial matchmaking.

      Which is how promoters have made boo koo money in boxing for 60-70 years.

      • Ehsan T

        Really! Put him with Canelo next. Be real!

      • Ehsan T

        He will not make millions fighting bums. Put him with canelo next.. (fight that would make millions) and lets see what happens. He needs to fight nate and few more money fights in mma then retire.

        • Draven

          Pffft he already fought nate twice and had his money fight. He need to fight top contenders in championship fights. Otherwise he doesn’t deserve the belt.

  • RayFromDa Bay

    Conner is talking about every thing under the sun except defending his 2 belts & I’m going to leave it @that.

  • Wabbit

    McGregor is so delusional, it is comical; once the boxer attacked, the MMA fighter had zero defense.

    It would be the same if the roles were reversed and it had been an MMA bout; once the allotted time (agreed before the bout) had passed and the bout ended by knockout.

  • Headrush

    Clearly still brain damaged from the azz whipping he received