Conor McGregor Hires Bodyguards Amongst Recent Death Threats


Conor McGregor is one of the UFC’s biggest stars in the sport today, but that doesn’t mean he’s liked amongst all of the MMA community. According to The Irish Mirror ‘Notorious’ hired two huge body guards to accompany him during his night out on the town after receiving death threats.

“He told people their names were names were Rocky and Drago and that he’d hired them because of death threats.”

While accompanying his longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin, who won the Most Stylish Newcomer award, at the Marker Hotel event in Dublin, McGregor’s new body guards named ‘Drago’ and ‘Rocky’ never left his side.

“Conor and Dee arrived around 30 minutes after most of the other red-carpet arrivals and they were accompanied by an entourage.”

“He’d two huge minders with him for the entire evening and although everyone was in great form, they didn’t leave his side once.”

The featherweight champion couldn’t even use the bathroom without being accompanied by his towering protectors:

“One of them even waited directly outside the toilets when he nipped in at one stage.”

McGregor was apparently seen laughing and having a good time, however fans couldn’t approach the Irishman without first going through ‘Rocky’ and ‘Drago’.

“Conor was really relaxed and in great humour but the bodyguards didn’t let him out of their sight for even a minute. Anyone who wanted a picture or a quick word with Conor had to go through the minders.”

‘Notorious’ is no stranger to death threats after being threatened by one fan following the UFC 196 press conference:

McGregor is currently embroiled in a feud with UFC brass over his removal form the colossal UFC 200 event, and is currently rumored to be in negotiations to take on Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in a blockbuster boxing match this summer.

McGregor’s next bout has not yet been officially announced.