Conor McGregor Has A Message For The UFC

Kelvin Ma-Boston Herald

He’s at it again. UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has re-emerged from the social media shadows once more to give UFC brass a piece of his mind about the upcoming UFC 200 card, including the Cormier vs Jones II rematch scheduled to replace the Irishman’s original main event spot.

Nobody gives a fuck about these other fights until this one is settled. Cut the bullshit. Run it back. #RealFight

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As most already know, McGregor was originally scheduled to rematch Nate Diaz in the main event of UFC 200 after the Stockton native handed ‘Notorious’ his first UFC career loss back in early March.

McGregor, however, refused to attend a press event in Vegas claiming it would interfere with his training for the upcoming rematch. ‘Notorious’ and UFC President Dana White’s bumping of heads would lead to the removal of the Irishman from arguably the biggest card in the promotion’s history.


White would go on to fill the vacant main event slot with another high profile rematch, with UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier defending his title against former 205-pound king Jon Jones.

McGregor’s original opponent, Nate Diaz, has expressed that he refuses to fight anyone but the Irishman at UFC 200 or else he’s taking a vacation.

While McGregor has officially been pitted as being a non-possibility for July’s monstrous event, White has stated the Irishman is a possibility for UFC 201, 202, 203 etc.

Another interesting match scheduled for UFC 200 is an interim featherweight title bout between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar. McGregor will more than likely take on the winner of that bout in his next scheduled Octagon appearance.

  • sava9e

    Actually I give a fuck about these other fights more than the rematch between Conor and Diaz. However, I would love to see Diaz beating Conor one more time 🙂

  • Lano

    Nobody gave a f*ck about Diaz v Conor II. Most of us wanted Edgar vs Conor or Aldo v Conor II.

    Cormier v Jones –> Diaz v Conor II

  • apocalypse123

    speak for yourself, conor. you lost, get over it. you’re the only one clamoring for this rematch because you can’t take a loss and move on. ditch the delusions of grandeur and defend your belt, leprechaun. like you said when you knocked out jose, it’s time to focus on the winners, right?

  • Sudaca

    He is making a fool of himself every time his mouth opens. He is what he is today thanks to his mouth NOT his fighting.

  • GM

    Money money money…
    Im not too interested in Aldo/Edgar…unless someone gets knocked out…which neither are known for that. Jones vs Cormier wont be too eye catching either. Jon should stomp Daniel again. Dont beielive the hype, Daniel is trying to hype himself but he knows the inevitable will happen again and he will get picked apart and out grinded. Jon is right that Olympic wrestling dont mean nothing in the octagon.

    • Sudaca

      Please stop talking connor if u had something to say then you should have gone to the pressers and said it then, now its too late and your making a fool of yourself. Please STOP.

  • MeatCrusher

    … and the UFC has a message for you… BYE BYE!

  • MeatCrusher

    Holly vs. Rousey vs. Cyborg