Conor McGregor Finally Trolls Tony Ferguson Online


UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has finally addressed the crowning of new interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson.

McGregor won the 155-pound throne last November when he downed then-champ Eddie Alvarez in the second round of their UFC 205 pay-per-view (PPV) main event meeting. Since then McGregor has made his professional boxing debut with a 10th round TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather this past August. Now “The Notorious One” is ready to return to the Octagon, however, no official announcement on his next challenger has been made.

Since McGregor hasn’t defended his 155-pound title in nearly a year, an interim belt was implemented and contested for last week between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee. Ferguson won the title via third round submission after locking up a Triangle Choke on “The Motown Phenom.” After the fight Ferguson called out the Irishman and told him to either defend or vacate his title.

While the possibility of a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz still lingers, as it is considered the fight that will make McGregor the most money, UFC President Dana White has come out and stated that the only fight that makes sense moving forward is McGregor vs. Ferguson.

McGregor finally acknowledged the possibility of sharing the Octagon with “El Cucuy” to unify their titles, posting the following on Twitter earlier today (Fri. October 13, 2017):

It should be interesting to see if the UFC books this fight between McGregor and Ferguson next, and how soon the fight could take place. Who do you think would emerge victorious if the pair squared off inside the cage?

  • Draven

    McGregor will try and stall as much time to avoid Ferguson.

    • Michal J Ferdynus

      ahahahaha, what are you on about? conor always comes in to fight. are you delusional or just a troll?

      • Draven

        he’s held up two divisions and hasn’t defended the title. come to fight? who has he fought in the octagon lately?

        • deepgrim

          he has held them up alright, but its still less than a year since he last fought, same as khabib who could also be the champ, the reason conor hasnt defended the 155 belt is $100 million, the reason he didnt defend the 145 was because he was chasing the dream of the dual belts and he took a risk with the late notice replacement with diaz and it didnt pay off, and so the chase took a longer route.
          If he doesnt defend against ferguson then it really is a p!ss take, i will leave judgement till then.

      • Murderous1

        Maga will run scared like McChicken

  • DSimmons

    “Since Conor hasn’t defended the title in nearly a year”? He has never defended any title.

    Might need a new writer here. And as to McMouth, El Cucuy will end this cancer to mma.

  • Shock Wave

    Conor doesn’t want any of what Tony or any other top lightweight has to offer.

    But once the fight happens, it’s all over after the 2nd Rd when Conor gasses.

  • Dave WC

    Tony by whatever submission he wants.

  • Kris Tophon

    2nd career tap out on the horizon

  • Samuel Mitchell

    Conor needs to quit to keep his identity because Tony is going to smoke him. Exposed.

  • RMRyan

    I’ve just looked at the picture a little closer, I believe its a crypted message from Conor. In the picture it shows a chubby, out of shape Mcgregor riding off into the sunset with his championship belts by his side and a bag full of cash. I think Conors running.