Conor McGregor Favored Against Tony Ferguson & Nate Diaz


Conor McGregor’s anticipated MMA return currently remains unknown during a time when the UFC needs him most.

The most likely candidates are obviously interim champion Tony Ferguson and Nate Diaz, as “The Notorious” recently called out “El Cucuy” online while a third match-up with Diaz will always loom large as a massive financial windfall until it inevitably happens.

McGregor could go either way for his next fight, or he could come out of left field with something else altogether. But Ferguson and Diaz are the most probable opponents for the UFC megastar, and online betting site Bovada (via Bloody Elbow) has released some early odds for both prospective bouts should they become a reality.

According to their early odds, McGregor is a favorite against both opponents, coming in at -165 versus the streaking +135 underdog Ferguson, who has won an unheard-of 10 straight fights in the deeply talented UFC lightweight division capped off by his latest interim title-sealing win over Kevin Lee at October 7’s UFC 216. Diaz, meanwhile, who hasn’t fought since he lost a close decision to McGregor at UFC 202, is a bigger underdog, rating at +195 to McGregor’s -250.

McGregor famously lost to Diaz via second-round submission in their historic first match at March 2016’s UFC 196, inciting arguably the most popular rivalry in MMA history. The rematch did even bigger numbers, but Diaz may have lost a bit of steam after staying out of action while McGregor signed onto and participated in his circus of a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather last August, which he ultimately lost by 10th-round TKO.

He’s also been reported to want upwards of $20-30 million for the fight, a figure even McGregor proclaimed may price him out of the fight.

The majority of hardcore MMA fans seem to want McGregor to finally defend his lightweight title against a true top contender, which Ferguson no doubt is as the interim champ. “The Notorious” has also teased he would defend the belt, which he has not done since winning his first UFC title in 2015, to “legitimize the rankings.”

Do you agree with the odds as they are now, or should Ferguson and Diaz be given more of a chance versus the Irish megastar?

  • Murderous1

    Only out of respect for you Mike I’m gonna fall back on this 1 cause you are the best guy on this site for over 7 years

  • leonaidis

    Of course the odds are in Conors favor. And they should be. He has the whole ufc promotion behind him, doing their best to keep Conor winning, the hype going and the money coming. It’s quite a huge advantage having the guys that are putting on the show, and running the show, the ufc, in your corner.

    Anybody that goes up against Conor, isn’t just going up against Conor, they have the whole promotion, and their own bosses against them, hoping that Conor wins, and doing everything in their power to keep Conor winning and the hype going.

    And coming up with every excuse in the book every time Conor gets beat, or spinning something way crazy, like he won, a moral victory, over Floyd because he got to the 10th round. It’s just absurd.

    Having the guys that run the show in your corner should influence the odds, because it’s a huge advantage.

    • deepgrim

      How does having the promotion behind him help Conor win a fight? Conor does more PR work than other fighters- isnt that a disavantage? What did they do wrong when Diaz beat him?
      Just like they were hoping Ronda would win against Amanda, what difference did that make?