Condit: Rory MacDonald’s challenge is ‘odd’


“I kind of had a feeling that he was going to call me out. So I went over and, sure enough, he did. I think the whole thing was pretty, I don’t know, the tone of it made it seem like I had wronged him. Like I did something wrong. I was just doing what the hell I’m supposed to do. I think it’s probably the way that he lost. He was undefeated at that point. He was the man, the next big thing. I think he thinks it’s his destiny to be the champion, and I went in there and smashed that dream. So I can see it. But it’s a little bit odd, I think.” – MMA Junkie (via

Fresh off his loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 154, Carlos Condit discussed Rory MacDonald, who could well be his next opponent.

MacDonald called out Condit after defeating BJ Penn at UFC on FOX 5. The pair met back at UFC 115, with Carlos Condit giving RoMac his only loss inside the Octagon. MacDonald wants to avenge this loss en route to his goal of becoming a champion in the UFC.

However, Condit is not super-excited about having another date with Ares. While MacDonald’s “odd challenge” is not something Condit would like to watch over and over again, it still seems as those two elite 170’ers are one a collision course inside the Octagon.

So what do you think, LowKick’ers? Who would win in a rematch between Carlos Condit and Rory MacDonald? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to

  • Rory Mac by decision… looking identical to the fight with GSP.

    • Hell No! Rory is going to lose! I can't wait for it to happen. He's just disrespectful. Showboating and couldn't finish BJ! Sure there are a show boaters but they are usually the ppl that Finish Fights! Rory said it himself that he doesn't care about the fans so I don't know why you're kissing his a–?

    • pretty likely, their first fight went like that for 2 out of 3 rounds and hes only gotten better since then.

    • Gotta disagree a bit. Rory is a badass, but he ain't St. Pierre. I do expect him to win though. This time holding on to take a decision after getting a little bit beat up in the third.

      • rory will get finished by condit

        • Is it just me or do people weak you, even before they read the comment?

          • MMA Truth- Probably.

            UG- I could see that happening from stoppage as well. Big fans of both of these guys.

        • Condit is taking this one just like the last time 🙂

      • @ Evan

        I can live with that analysis.

    • Rory by KO round 2.

      After that I hope Rory moves up in weight so that someone can put him in his place. He is obviously very comfortable in running his mouth being in a weight class of smaller fighters.

      • Huh? They all fight at 170, it's everyone's choice whether u want to be BJ Penn or Anthony Johnson (who i heard just missed weight at hw lol) why on earth would that be a knock on him. If Condit and MacDonald are about the same size anyways, Condit is just taller so he looks a little skinnier.

      • Condit and GSP are bigger than GSP are bigger than Rory, should they all move up too?
        Rory isn't too big for WW, BJ is just too small

        • Obviously a typo. Meant to say –
          "Condit and GSP are bigger than Rory, should they move up too?"

  • How is wanting to fight the only guy that beat you odd?

    I think its the opposite and makes perfect sense.

    • Sorry, I hit funny, but meant to hit SHARP!

      Add one to the Sharp count.

  • Zip

    It may just be me, but I see the fight going just as it did last time. Sure, Rory has improved but not enough to beat Condit, Carlos has improved too. Let's not forget he gave GSP all he could handle and put him on his derriere. And the karma thing has to root against Rory, you don't taunt BJ. Just basic MMA respect and common decency.

    • It's kinda strange there is no such thing like respect in this sport. Unlike most other sports. I mean Rory could have still won that fight with BJ without those taunts.
      Secondly, Rory is behaving as if Condit sodomized him in their last fight. He lost that fight fair and square. It's disappointing to loose a fight but feeling humiliated is a little too much.

      • Getting ur ass beat down in front of a stadium full of screaming people isn't humiliating in ur books? U ain't been around fighters too much have u? The fact that he lost it fair and square in the last seconds after winning the first two rounds is what makes it humiliating. And there's tons of respect in mma man, please quit talking.

        • Listen dude, if you have a point then back it up with some evidence. You're obviously extremely excited about expressing your thoughts, so please do so, but calm down first. I have an opinion and I am willing to have a little chat about it but not with some one who has just entered his puberty.
          You said, there is tons of respect in MMA. Yes, there is but it was certainly missing in Rory's last fight.

          • BJP is one of my favorite fighters, but I don't think Rory disrespected at all during that fight.

          • Dropping your hands and doing The Ali shuffle sideways is disrespectful as FK on my planet.

          • If Rory always acted like that, you would expect it, but he just started doing this and it comes off as a total douchebag.
            I was ok with his attitude before this crap….lame as hell.

          • It isn't disrespectful. It is a tactic for getting into your opponent's head. It makes them angry, desperate and sloppy and creates openings. It is just as legitimate a tactic as feints, stop hits and anything else you can use to win. You might as well label destructions as "disrespectful".

          • Tactic for getting in his head? That's true with taunts in some cases, and I would buy that if he did that early in the fight when it was still a contest…. but acting like that was the goal of this situation??? Give me a break!~@!

            BJ was already broken and just doing what he could to not be finished. He was already sloppy and desperate, he was hurt and near finished. He was showing absolutely nothing in the Octagon except the heart not to give up. Plus it was near the end of the fight, a fight where BJ got demolished the entire fight. The fight was WELL PAST competitive at that point, and the man was hurt.

            If your doing all that, those antics were straight up "rubbing it in" and "kicking him while he was down". It's a bad look to taunt a hurt man.

          • Yep some tactic. He couldn't finish! Disrespectful!



            How about u do the same buddy and provide some evidence for ur claims now too. U probably should do that in all your posts actually just as a check on urself.

  • I just hope Rory loses. He's kinda cocky I think.

  • Dog In The Fight.

    Okay, I confess, I like both these fighters. I think both could be and are worthy of being Champion; should either one be able to figure out how to defeat or be willing to fight, GSP. They are both exceptional. Both hold the same finish qualities. Both are…in, Joe Rogan parlance, "Bad Assess".

    in terms of the "next big thing", at the time, I don't think Rory was. I personally had never heard of him. To be honest, I was barely aware of Condit. I'm not an MMA aficionado.

    What I saw – was a young kid come out and win two rounds. Soundly.

    What I saw…in the third – was a kid who gassed, got put on his back and was made to look bad. Bad to the point that the ref had to stop the fight…. just short….of the 3rd bell… where…had it gone on four or five seconds more, Rory would have survived the round and taken home a victory. Remaining undefeated to this day.

    I have watched the fight a number of times and as ugly as it might have looked near the end of the third, it really wasn't that bad. Condit paused. He was not raining down blow, after blow. In the heat of the moment it looked bad, however, on replay it really wasn't.

    Regardless, the ref mad the call. As sad as it was, given that Rory won the first two rounds…he lost. I had no qualms with the decision. Not in real time. I was fine with it.

    Three years later and with some post-fight introspective, to say it's an "odd challenge" is, in-and-of-itself, odd. Rory is on a four fight winning streak, inclusive of victories over a great boxer / BJJ artist, a great wrestler with power, an outstanding kick-boxer and a legendary BJJ specialist, with great boxing, TDD and an axe to grind. He's on a roll.

    CC, on the other hand, is coming off of a questionable decision win, followed by a ten month lay off and loss, to MacDonald's training partner and Champ, GSP.

    The flow and tide is with Rory. He is an automaton. The only thing stopping him in this division, IMO, is GSP and possibly Johnny Hendricks and Demian Maia.

    I respect them both, but in terms of a re-match, I believe Rory will win.

    Complain as to the style or the robotics of the challenge, the fact of the matter is MacDonald could have called out anyone in the division, any fighter on the rise including Hendricks and they would have had a tough time blowing it off. Instead, RM picked Condit. His one loss. To me, that is not odd. Not only for reasons of retribution, but (also), for the reputation that Condit carries. He's a 90% finisher.

    Here's another, perhaps sub-conscious reason,

    • If Rory can finish Condit, what does that say about GSP's 5 round decision?

      Food for thought. MacDonald by decision.

      • @ MMA truth….This fight makes alot of sense.

        If condit loses then Rory is the real deal and the fans will be asking why aren't you going for a title shot….? I want to see what Rory does after this fight….How bad does he want GSP's glory?

        Rory definetly has to prove a point to get redemption and let everyone know that the KO early in his career no longer counts.

  • Great fight but I think it comes down to who has improved more and IMO that has been Rory by a longshot

    • @ Keith….Condits record is hard to bet against with KO knockouts of Kim Dong, Dan Hardy & Rory. The few loses Condits has come by way of decisions. So noone has been able to finish him. Also Condit has better experience having fought GSp and Nick Diaz. I like Condit in this rematch because his fight against Bj is hard to measure because of the criticisms of BJ's cardio, training. How good was the BJ Rory fought on the night compared to the old BJ?

  • If the last fight is any indication I would have to pick Rory to win. Condit is dangerous and can finish the fight at any time but that is what he has to do to win. If Condit doesn't finish Rory he will lose the decision.

  • rory will win by dec easy just wait and see

  • @ Irish

    I suspect Rory will win, but I don't know that it will be easy. Condit is both a tough and a resilient fighter. This is no lock. Not by a long shot.

  • Woah. Bring in a Condit vs MacDonald rematch discussion and everyone reverts to a fvcking noob. Reading down the comments, everyone seems so sure of this outcome or that outcome, easy this, easy that. No-one can call this one at this time. Show some humility and just say "I don't know"… Try it.

  • Penn=too little no cardio what happend to jiujitsu?Rorys last win was good but Condits loss to GSP was impressive it will be a similar fight to GSP vs Condit only with Condits arm raised.Condits ground game nullified GSP on top though GSPs takedowns where,well come on GSP's like an olympian on his timing for takedowns.I think Condits gonna be super fired up called out by GSPs buddy he wants that rematch.

  • I hope condit smashes Rory