Colby Covington Issues Backhanded “Apology” For Trashing Brazil

Jason Silva for USA TODAY Sports

Colby Covington may have notched the biggest win of his MMA career at UFC Sao Paulo last night, but he certainly didn’t endear himself to the Brazilian crowd.

After defeating Demian Maia in the co-headliner, Covington verbally thrashed the audience, calling them filthy animals and Brazil a dump.

Now a day removed from the emotional excesses of fight night, the brash American took to Twitter to give an apology of sorts.

At 29 years old and carrying an impressive 13-1 record, Covington entered the Maia fight with quite a bit of hype. After defeating Maia by unanimous decision, Covington took the opportunity to trash Brazil and its citizens, who came out in full support of the Brazilian’s competing on Saturday’s card.

Covington even shoved the translator away after calling out welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Naturally, the notoriously passionate Brazilian audience was less than pleased with Covington’s comment, throwing drinks, yelling, and spitting at the American as he left the cage following the fight.

There hasn’t been any kind of disciplinary action taken against “Chaos;” however, some fight fans have called for it given the inflammatory statements Covington made during his post-fight speech.

Do you think Covington deserves to be punished for his statements? Or is this just typical hype-work in the McGregor era?

  • Draven

    Glad he got rubbish hurled his way.

    • HeteroFriendly

      So you’re a british guy who’s into ICP?
      Thats weird.

      You people never case to befuddle/amaze me.

  • I Train UFC

    I understand and agree he needs to be professional and for the business he needs to tow the line. He should be above the fans. However, I wouldn’t punish him without issuing a warning to the fans. Which I understand would never happen because money prevails. That’s how things are in this country now. 10,000 fans that act like animals get a pass and he doesn’t.

    • Murderous1

      Act like animals it’s a fight at fights the crowd can say whatever they want but it’s the fighters choice to get paid quick and get punished for the rest of their career just like McChicken and Sonnen I just hope Colby works his way up and eats at least three over hand rights before going to sleep so his Brain gets scrambled real good

  • JamesC

    There is nothing wrong with this. Only because the UFC is clearly going into WWE territory. He didn’t say anything too slanderous or racially charged. Pretty sure Sonnen did way worse. This makes for a great fight against a top Brazilian down the line. A Covinginton vs RDA fight is now very interesting when before it would not have really mattered. Or what about Covington vs Oliveria. I would have cared less about that 24 hours ago.

    You can’t get on him or even warn him and allow Connor and before him Sonnen and before him Tito Ortiz to become stars off of this behavior.

    • Murderous1

      It was below the belt just like loser Sonnen and Loser McChicken but it got them more money and think about if someone disrespected your country especially a country that is struggling from what I read and see would you think it’s OK

      • John Boy

        This is America … our country is being disrespected everyday.

        • Murderous1

          I am talking about fighter conduct and Bruce Lee philosophy something that Sonnen and Especially Coward McChicken has destroyed because now fighters have to be disrespectful clowns to get paid cause like Mousasi said people are stupid

  • John Boy

    The blizzard is spreading? Now we have snowflakes in Brazil, too?

    • HeteroFriendly

      No, we’re talking about the hollywood bloodsuckers who invented instigating race-bait violence all day every day in their media monopoly while playing victim at the same time to dodge their own blame who own the UFC forcing this issue.

      Same way they squeezed an apology out of Wedrum that he didn’t owe anybody.

      They own new york,
      and hollywood,
      and the media,
      and thats the BIGGEST POWER around here.

      Nothing moves without the media,
      and a certain group of bloodsucker liberals own it.

      • HeteroFriendly

        Well until the internet age.
        They never thought they would lose that election.
        Thought they had it sewed up in the bag.

        Used all the same tricks they always used,
        rigged debates,
        smear tactics…

        But it didn’t work this time!

        Because they cant control the internet like they have the new york/hollywood media all these years. And boy howdy are they mad about that. The Russian hackers, the fake news, and instigating race-bait violence in the streets wherever you find liberals.

        Separate but equal.

  • HeteroFriendly

    I don’t see what he’s apologizing for.
    They are trash.

    Who keeps supplying brazilans in the audience with beer bottles.
    They’re pitching those at people everytime like uncivilized animals.
    Not just colby colvington.

    They should have to drink their beer…
    …well, no. They shouldn’t be trusted to drink beer either.
    They should only be allowed to drink their third world malaria water out of a nerf cup.

    • HeteroFriendly

      Dont get me wrong, the Braz’s are alright.
      But they are crazy and rude themselves and shouldn’t be allowed to drink beer out of bottles or play victim after the way they habitually act themselves.

      Dont act crazy yourself,
      and then play victim about it when somebody acts crazy back to you.

      Hypocrisy is one of the dirtiest subhuman things you can do IMO.

    • Murderous1

      You shouldn’t call any human being trash when you are proud of being a it a shim a brown teeth poo shooter

  • HeteroFriendly

    Remember when tyrone accused everybody of being a racist?
    (Everybody other then himself of course.)
    And anybody who thought they weren’t just doesn’t know it?

    And all the precious unicorns in the mma media embraced him for it,
    said what a great observation! We should be asking ourselves this very question.
    This guy is like Martin Luther King but people just dont know it yet.
    And anybody who disagrees with him is a racist.

    Well maybe Colby Covington is like Martin Luther King too.
    Maybe he’s genuinely concerned that Brazilians behave like filthy trash.
    And the ones who think that they dont just dont know it yet.

    Isn’t that just as brilliant?
    Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves this very question.

  • Wabbit

    Audiences in Brazil are notoriously partisan, and they are fond of stealing headgear from fighters walking in, particularly foreign fighters; at least no fighter has been shot or stabbed there YET.