Cody Garbrandt Makes Offer To Release Video Of Him Knocking Out TJ Dillashaw

Mark J. Rebilas for USA TODAY Sports

Former teammates Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw will face off in the co-main event of UFC 213 on July 8, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada with Garbrandt’s 135-pound title hanging in the balance. The two bantamweight stalwarts have gone back-and-forth in the media over the last few months and they are currently coaching opposite each other on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 25: Redemption.

“No Love” has consistently taken shots at Dillashaw and he has also claimed to have a video of him knocking the ex-champion out in the gym a few years back. Dillashaw obviously doesn’t believe this video exists, but Garbrandt recently made him an offer to release it:

“Hey Dillashaw, let’s put an end to all of this. I’m going to go out and get as much money as I can from the video of me knocking you out. How about you pick a charity that you want to support and I’ll donate 100-percent of the proceeds to that charity,” Garbrandt said in an Instagram post on Wednesday night.

It’s still unclear whether or not the video exists, but Garbrandt said that he has knocked out Dillashaw ‘multiple times’ and he plans to do it again on July 8th:

“I have it on my phone actually. That’s the gym. I’ve knocked T.J. out multiple times. It doesn’t matter. July 8, it’s going to happen again,” Garbrandt said on TUF Talk on FS1. “So that’s the thing, I can release it, if TMZ wants to give $50,000, I don’t need the money. If T.J. were in my shoes, he would do that. He sold out for $60,000 to go to MusclePharm and leave everybody who shouldered him and made him into the world champion that he was.

“I just wanted him on the show admit that it happened and I don’t have to release any of it, that’s not what I’m about or my team is about.”

Who do you expect to come out on top when these two bantamweight rivals meet in July?

  • Samuel Mitchell

    I’m a Garbrandt fan but who cares? I bet a lot of shit happens in training.

  • Shock Wave

    No Love is gonna KO TJ so badly!!!
    Looking forward to this fight!

  • JamesC

    If you were to make a movie of all this it would look exactly like the karate kid.

    TJ found a mentor to teach him to become a martial arts whiz. The “cool” kids are all teasing him and trying to embarrass him. He will fight the biggest baddass from the cool kids after being trained by his mentor.

    Seriously, TAF and Cody in particular come off as being rather douche by doing this. I can almost hear Justin Bucholz and Faber in the background screaming….GET EM A BODYBODY BAG CODY!!!! Its even more bizzarre because I think Benavides is still friedns with TJ.