Coach: Holly Holm Will Finish Cyborg

Mandatory Credit: David G. McIntyre-USA TODAY Sports

Given that she’s just 1-3 in her last four fights, some are doubting Holly Holm heading into her highly anticipated featherweight title fight with dominant champion Cris Cyborg, which is set to take place in the main event of UFC 219 on Dec. 30, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Holm’s longtime coach Mike Winkeljohn, however, recently said that Holm has been in this position before and she’s always rose to the occasion. In fact, Winklejohn even went as far as to predict a finish:

“You know what, behind the scenes when we fought Ronda we were pretty confident that we had the proper game plan to beat Ronda,” Winkeljohn told Submission Radio. “Everybody thought we were crazy, everyone thought Holly was crazy when she first fought Christy Martin back in the early days in boxing cause Christy Martin knocked everyone out, and Holly made that look easy, and she had what I call that “Christy Martin” moment where Christy tried to throw a punch at her, Holly slipped under and then Christy almost went through the ropes. Guess what? Ronda did the same thing, and it’s gonna happen in the Cris Cyborg fight, she’s gonna have that same moment.”

“Holly’s stopping Cris Cyborg probably later in the fight. You know, round four, round five she’s gonna finish the fight, shock the world again.”

Although the fight is now set, it didn’t easily come to fruition, as contract negotiations lingered between both camps and the UFC. Winklejohn still doesn’t feel as if Holm is getting compensated enough, although he hopes that changes once she reclaims UFC gold:

“No, she deserves much more, but it is what it is,” Winkeljohn said. “Cyborg’s got the title, Holly doesn’t have a title, so we don’t have all the chips at the moment, and the fight is what’s most important. Beating Cris Cyborg puts Holly back and higher where she will be the, I guess, biggest name ever in women’s combat sports. So she’s gotta win the fight and got to do that first, and then maybe she’ll get paid even more in the next one.”

How do you expect this fight to play out?

  • Shock Wave

    There will be many knockdowns before the Knockout.

  • OneFootFriendly

    She needs to win this IMO at the very least.
    After a few important loses in a row, instead of rebuilding slowly she just bet the house on the biggest longshot in WMMA.

    Thats a star making chance like the rousy fight,
    but after those loses its also a star breaking chance.

  • bananaboy

    ouff good luck with that

  • Wabbit

    If (IF) Holm can keep the fight in the center of the octagon, she has the opportunity to use her footwork and kicks. In her fight with Rousey, her opponent was coming in with a dismal defense and Holm was able to hit her hard in the face; even so, that did not put Rousey down and Cyborg is much stronger and tougher than Rousey.

    Kicks and agility would therefore seem to be Holm’s likeliest route to victory, if she is able to set Cyborg up. The problem is Cyborg being a good boxer, and unlikely to allow Holm to land decisive head shots. If Holm gets bull rushed against the cage, like many of Cyborg’s victims, or tries close striking against Cyborg, Holm will be shut down and stopped.