Clay Guida Ready For Success at 145


Clay Guida is in for some new experiences come January 26th of the new year.  Fans are not used to seeing “The Carpenter” at 145 pounds, nor are they accustomed to seeing Guida on FX prelims.  All the same, this is the situation Clay finds himself in when UFC on Fox 6: Johnson vs. Dodson unfolds in Guida’s hometown of Chicago, IL.  With endless cardio and unwavering resolve, Clay Guida could be a massive threat at 145 if the weight cut goes as he plans.

“We fought the best in the lightweight division and got very close to the top,” he said. “We’ve had a couple of chances for a number one contendership or whatever you want to call it, and had some Fight of the Night bonuses and Fight of the Years. We’ve been all over the place and it’s been a fun road, and the road is gonna continue with more success at featherweight.” (Full Interview –

“I don’t put myself on a pedestal; I just know how competitive we are, and that with the proper training and the proper diet, it won’t be more than a couple fights before the UFC’s gonna want to put a big face in there. So I’m excited about the opportunity that lies ahead of us.” Guida said.

Despite winning 4 of his last 6, Guida has dropped his last two fights via decision to current Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson and former contender Gray Maynard.  He now looks to revitalize his record against Hatsu Hioki, who has won 6 of his last 7 but looks to rebound from a loss to current contender Ricardo Lamas.  It can be said with confidence that neither of these men hope to languish on the prelims for too long.  So the winner of this bout could find themselves back on main cards, as well as a fight or two away from Jose Aldo and the Featherweight Championship.

(Originally reported by our friends at BloodyElbow)

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  • dam Clay is going to be a beast at 145, but how can he make weight. He might have to cut off all his hair lol

  • If you are no longer relevant in your division than a weight class change gets peoples attention

    I just hope guida doesn't do the foxtrot all night and really engages.

  • 1 bad fight and people doubt Guida's exciting nature. Come on, has everyone already forgotten about the Diego Sanchez fight?

    • true that he has always been an entertaining fighter