Christy Mack Details Gruesome War Machine Attack In Court


With former UFC and Bellator MMA fighter War Machine’s case now in trial, many harrowing details have emerged regarding his August 2014 attack on ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.

On Wednesday, Mack took to the stand and revealed her account of the fateful evening which left War Machine facing 34 felony charges.

Mack testified that War Machine used a knife to cut off her mohawk haircut and destroyed several of her wigs because he “always hated them”, according to the New York Daily News.

At that point, Mack says War Machine, who was legally born Jon Koppenhaver, began going through her cell phone and striking her every time he discovered something on there he didn’t like or approve of.

The entire assault lasted nearly two hours, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Mack, now 25, told jurors that she eventually blacked out during the attack and only regained consciousness after Koppenhaver put her in the shower, where she says she began tasting blood.

“I genuinely felt like I was going to die at this point,” Mack testified on Wednesday.

Mack says she began convulsing after Koppenhaver kicked her in the stomach so hard he broke one of her ribs, which in turn lacerated her liver.

Prosecutors told jurors that this was not the first time the former MMA fighter had assaulted Mack, saying that Koppenhaver would threaten to kill his ex-girlfriend if her bruises were too noticeable.

“Now I have to kill you, I’ve gone too far,” Koppenhaver allegedly told her. “You can’t be seen like this. Everyone’s gonna know.”

  • Wabbit

    Koppenhaver is going to be jailed for a long time; will his martial arts skills be enough to prevent him from getting seriously hurt, for being a woman beater…probably not.

    • Michal J Ferdynus

      he can fend them off only for so long…

    • Johnny Carcosa

      they got knives

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Theres plenty of guys who beat up their old ladies in jail, and they’re not in jail for that
      Some chicks gravitate to a beating like they need it

      Its peculiar to me to wonder what christy mack was thinking when she decided to get into a relationship with war machine, who had already shown himself to be violent and unhinged for a few years between the end of his MMA career and when they got together, and then according to her hung around to be terrorized for another three years and only remembered how to spell 911 after she got her face smashed in

      warmachine is definitely a nut and a bad guy, but it takes two to tango I dont appreciate it when some broads get themselves into these predicaments like they have no sense in their heads and then the feminists will blame her bad decisions on all men

  • David Twardy

    From that picture you would never guess she sucks Co*ks for a living. They don’t call it a high risk lifestyle for nothing. I think they are both idiots, that I got some enjoyment out of for completely different reasons.