Chris Weidman thinks Anderson Silva is just another opponent


It seems like Chris Weidman has something new to say everyday about his next opponent, the legendary Anderson Silva. Many have begun to think Weidman may be getting a bit too big for his britches, as he’s looked impressive in his short MMA career, but hardly good enough to start endlessly trashing one of the greatest fighters of all time. Today, he met up with Yahoo! to discuss how Silva is a mere mortal like the rest of us:

“You have to treat him like just another opponent. You respect what he’s done in this sport. Of course you do. But you can’t get caught up in it.”

“Guess what? He’s a person just like I am, he’s got two arms, two legs, two eyes, like I do. I’m not fighting a superhero, I’m fighting another person, and it’s my job to defeat him. Simple as that.”

When put that way, the task at hand may be as simple as just another opponent, just another fight. But the fact of the matter is Anderson Silva is not just another opponent. He’s a wrecking machine that has never lost in the UFC, and while Weidman thinks he may have Silva’s kryptonite with his wrestling, the champ has fought and defeated wrestlers before.

Weidman also comes in off a long layoff and surgery. Will these factors come into play? Against lesser opponents, maybe even some top ten middleweights, they might not as much. But it’s hard to think that being anything less than 100 percent against Silva will do. So Weidman obviously has his supporters and his detractors, but he doesn’t seem to care about the latter:

“I can’t change anyone’s mind, and that’s not my job, anyway. I feel like I have the right mix of skills, the desire, the determination, to get the job done. The UFC thinks enough of me to give me the title shot. To those who might think I don’t deserve this yet, all I can say is, tune in on July 6 and I’ll show you otherwise.”

There’s no doubt Chris Weidman is a great fighter, and truth be told, he might dethrone the champ this July. But will anyone really be surprised if he’s added to the laundry list of top-flight opponents that Silva has turned into mincemeat? Perhaps he’s trying to get inside the champ’s head, but we’ve seen what that can result in. Regardless, it appears Weidman will continue to talk trash everyday until the fight takes place. Where is Silva in all of this talk? For some reason, he doesn’t seem to care too much. 

  • In the first 60 seconds we will see if Anderson is just another fighter. Usually the first 60 seconds dictate how the rest of the fight will go.

    The moment Anderson starts waving his arms around, its like he pulls of the Jedi mind trick. Vitor goes from killer to scared puppy. Guys who have done well, never let Anderson Phase him. Cote and Chael come to mind. They never froze up and kept coming. The did better then the others. Cote may not have been steller, but "better fighters" have been dropped with less.

    Chael did point out one important thing. Chris needs to learn how to reset Anderson. Chael pointed out that you can't let Anderson get comfortable. When he waves his hands around and taunt, hes set up for a counter. You always need to attack before he finds his range or move around and make Anderson reset. Because it's often not the hits he lands that breaks fighters. Forrest pointed out, it's how he makes you miss. After you're 10th punch that you don't land. It breaks your confidence. You loose your will to win.

    Either way we will see. The first 60 seconds of Anderson's figthers usually shows how the rest of the fight goes.

  • Weidman's 0 has got to go lol

    • Actually, it's Anderson's "0" in The UFC that has to go.

  • This wannabe is getting more pathetic by the minute now, but, hey, I guess you have to talk out of your @ss sometimes in order to sell a fight after all. When it's all said and done, he will be sleeping like a baby just like the rest of them.

    I have the G.O.A.T via vicious KO – round 2.

    • @ UDG

      Does that mean, that for all of round one, you have Anderson getting the crap kicked out of him, only to survive and have this round 2 KO, as a result of having been save by the bell @ the minute mark, as he was saved in a similar manner in his 2nd fight against Sonnen?

      That could be very exciting, I must say. I hope Chris gets the post about how he's supposed to lose in the 2nd, after having killed The Champ in the 1rst.

      I mean, I am right in that, correct. Surely Anderson cannot do well in the 1rst and great in the 2nd, otherwise, why didn't / doesn't (in this scenario) finish Chris in the 1rst?

      Is it because The Champ is trying to add "entertainment value" to the PPV and give his fans a show?

      Reality check…bell rings….Anderson is on his back…and beating begins.

      Apparently, somewhere in this dream world, Anderson answers the bell, as he did vs. Sonnen in the 1rs fight and now, against a much better version of the same opponent and…beats Weidman up.

      Again, if he does…good for The Champ. He will have both earned and proven something. Something, which needed to be proven. A dominant victory over a credible challenger.

      And if Silva fans don't see Chris as credible, then what will they be & why would they be, crowing about a victory over him. Again, they can't have their cake and eat it too. Weidman can not be (both) great and bad @ the same time.

      Good luck UDG. Your boy is going to lose. TKO in round 2, yes. Weidman being the winner, however.

  • First, I do not believe that Chris has trash talked Anderson at all, let alone endlessly. All Chris has ever said is that he's going to beat him. All he's saying here is a simple observation, that Anderson is "just another" human being and in the sense that he the same appendages as everyone else and no, he is not a super-hero.

    To be honest and as a huge Weidman fan, if this is what amounts to trash talking or if anything that he's said about Anderson amounts to trash talking, then I find it all rather bland. He's just not that guy.

    In terms of Anderson's laundry list of top-flight opponents, it's not a very long list. Beyond Okami, Sonnen, Henderson and Belfort and keeping it to the 185 division, who else would we add to it? Most, if not all, of the other fights Silva has had in His Division have been against fighters who are either no longer with The UFC, in The Division or hardly fighting at all / semi-retired. I don't see how fighting guys who had absolutely no chance of beating him, marks those opponents as top-flight status.

    Again, no one doubts The Man's talents, but of all The Champs out there, he's easily had the easiest go of it, in terms of legitimate challenges to his belt. Silva fans everywhere should rejoice, that once again Their Fighter has a legitimate opponent and threat to his belt. To beat Weidman and do so handily, is to / would build and add to the legend, that is / will be Their Fighter's Legacy.

    Or think of it another way. Silva fans have to make up their minds…are all the fighters he faces bums and have no hope? Which of course means that maybe Silva can't be as great as everyone says he is, because he fights bums. Or, are they legitimate challenges to his belt and subsequently, he (Silva) is a great fighter for defeating them all?

    Can't have your cake and eat it, too. Chris is either a serious threat and Silva the great fighter for beating him or Chris is a bum and Anderson deserves no real credit for beating him? It cannot be both @ the same time.

    Chris Weidman, by TKO stoppage on the ground July 6th.

    • Anderson actually did beat a lot of people. I've obviously followed MMA longer then you. Rich Franklin was Anderson Silvia before Anderson was Anderson. Rich getting destroyed was what honestly put Anderson on the map. Before that NO BODY did that to Rich. NO BODY!

      He beat Chris Leban in his opening fight in the UFC. Leban had ONE loss in 12 fights at the time. He was a top MW. He was destoryed in short order by the spider.

      Damian Maia was also considered the top MW in the UFC before that fight and everybody said he'd tap Anderson.

      Forrest is still a former LHW champ who got embaressed by Spider. Before that, everybody said Dana was crazy to mess with his golden goose.

      The only 2 guys who i look back and wonder how they got a title shot was Patrick Cote and Travis lutter. But at the time both had win streaks and had more wins going in then some guys who get title shots now. They were also the two fighters who did well against Anderson out side of Team Quest.

      I don't understand why anybody can say it's not a long list of serious fighters. Name a fighter Spider hasn't faced that he should?

      • LOL! You've followed MMA longer than me. I stopped reading after that pointless assumption and insult.

        • Maybe if you read more and assumed less. You might actually get all your facts and have the actual truth opposed to the truth only as you see it. 😉 lol

          • If I assumed less? You didn't make it through 2 sentences, before you made your first assumption. F…U…C…K….off.

            Perhaps, you should check the facts of your own post, before you "attempt" to urinate on my leg. Happy faces aside, the wind is blowing in your direction and you're only urinating on yourself.


          • Weak.

            You still haven't answered the original question.

            And don't forget to get mad. The madder the better. Your almost there. 😉


          • I'm unaware of any question to answer, as I never read the original post.

            Mad – in order to get mad, one must first allow someone to get under their skin. On that point, you give yourself credit where none has been earned.

            Question – does N. C. stand for "No Clue"?

          • So if you didn't even read the question, then what makes you think your right?

            You seem pretty delusional. It's obvious your screen name is to help you look more credible. Your insecurity shows.

            Look, this isn't about me feeding the troll. It's obvious your insecurity issues go far beyond me. Who posts multiple times to a question he doesn't even read? I just wish you would chill out. Reading all the other responses on here. You seem to be the only one who doesn't see how your being overly defensive due to obvious insecurities.

            Answer: No, it doesn't.

          • @ No Clue

            How can one be right or wrong on, what is, my opinion. Opinions are neither right, nor wrong. They are simply opinions.

            Again, I'll reiterate the point, when you insult someone right out of the gate, as you did me, then don't be surprised when they don't listen to you.

            For future reference – bury the insults closer to the end of your posts and not as the lead statement. That way, you might actually sucker someone into reading the crap.

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            If you read the question, it's not a question about opinion. It's obviously about your knowledge. So quickly google it and maybe you won't look like you needed more hugs growing up.

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  • Shock horror!! Unbeaten UFC fighter thinks Silva is human!!