Chris Weidman thinks Anderson Silva has been exposed


The number one contender to the UFC Middleweight crown Chris Weidman appears in an interview with MMA Mania to discuss his upcoming title bout. Weidman seems to think that Silva has been exposed because of his supposed inability to stop wrestling, but also notes that he’ll expect to face the best Silva ever.

Weidman was of course an NCAA Division 1 wrestler, but is also coming off of shoulder surgery for bone chips. He seems to questions Silva’s decisions in booking fights, but is thankful for the opportunity to finally face him.

Is Chris Weidman owed anything by Silva and the UFC? That’s completely up to interpretation, as Weidman is very talented but was last seen beating a Mark Munoz that was returning from surgery himself, and that was last July.


  • Excited to watch Silva put Weidman to sleep in a couple of months… 😀 and that's all i have to say about that!

  • Good thing Anderson got exposed then. After watching all his fights, I was really starting to think he was an extraordinary fighter. Silly me. I should refrain from actually watching fights abd start listening more to people who have nothing to gain by stating their opinion, like this guy Chris Weidm……oh ****.

  • I love the guy. I have full faith that he will finish what Sonnen couldn't.

    • So your expecting Weidman to win a decision against Silva?

      • No. I quite expect him to finish Silva. I thought I was clear on the point.

        • I thought you were referring to finishing the 5th round

          • I don't believe Silva will make it to the 5th round. If Weidman is going to win, it will be far earlier. Again, I'm not saying it's a lock. Silva is the best stand-up fighter I've ever seen. However, if Sonnen could take him down, as he did for 6 of 7 rounds, then I believe Weidman can easily accomplish the same and more. The more, being either a TKO or submission on the ground.

            As Hendricks is a dangerous match-up for GSP. So too, is Weidman for Silva. That's how I see it, at any rate.

    • You remind me of "onemoreround" sometimes. Downright delusional!

  • The more you talk, the quicker you'll get knocked out, Mr. Weidman. Good luck!!!

  • I think Weidman is a great talent with a very bright future ahead of him in the UFC. However, the fact remains that he's simply lucky to have this fight in the first place. Weidman needed Bisping, Boetsch, and Belcher to lose, and they did.

    Anderson Silva stands little to gain by beating him. After all, Weidman has been off for going on a year and his best win was over a Mark Munoz who was clearly not back into fighting shape after surgery.

    Wish Weidman all the best, and he may end up winning, but it's tough to understand why Silva owes hm anything. I hope it's a classic match this summer.

    • Mike – I don't think it's a question of Silva owing Weidman a fight. I think it's a question of him owing the fans a defense of his title. If not Weidman, who? If not on July 6th, exactly 1 day before the 1 year anniversary of his last title defense, then when?

      I like and respect Silva, but I feel he's coddled too much and not only but The UFC's management, but also by his fan base. Yes, he's the best stand-up fighter in the world, but he's got a prima donna's attitude. Something that no other Champion or fighter in The UFC demonstrates. It's as if he thinks he's doing The UFC a favor for being in it. Personally, I'm tired of it.

      I will stick to my contention. I think Weidman is going to shock the MMA world on July 6th. He is a vastly better version of the over-rated Chael Sonnen. He has all the tools required to put Silva on his *** and finish him. His victory over Munoz was not only his claim to the #1 contender spot, it was also a statement. One that needs no qualifications. The night that it happened it had no qualifications. It was simply and impressive and dominant performance, over a fellow (great) wrestler. All were impressed and it wasn't just the fight ending elbow, which did it. He took Munoz down and controlled him like a child. I couldn't believe it. Rogan, commented as much during his calling of the match.

      No apology or bowing of his head is required by Weidman. He earned this shot by beating Munoz. At the time, he was the logical choice for a title defense Silva didn't want to make. In the ensuing year, the only thing that has happened is that Silva has done nothing, Weidman has healed and the division has proven to be full of a lot of fighters who choke, when the big fight comes.

      Take-down, pound-out, repeat as needed. That's what I see happening. Either way, thank God that Silva finally has a fight in his own division and with someone who is actually a threat to his belt. This is a don't miss PPV, in my books.

      And shock of shock, it actually makes sense in terms of the rankings. Maybe it will start a trend over @ head-office.

      • He is doing the UFC and everyone a favor for being in it. I do agree though a title defence is needed although In Silvas case he has defeated stronger competition before in Dan Henderson and at the end of his career we need to see some superfights before the best fighter that ever lived is too old to compete with the elite. He's already slowed down a bit but he is very experienced.

    • Weidman deserves the shot, and he lost everything he had during Hurricane Sandy this man and his family deserve this huge pay day.

  • Weidman has been the #1 contender for a year now. He beat the guy who at the time was labeled as thte #1 contender in the division, and did it in style. The only real argument is somehow Munoz wasn't 100% which is little more than an excuse. Munoz was made to look pathetic because Weidman is simply that good.

    However, Anderson is the best in the world right now and really doesn't owe anybody anything. If Bisping beat Belfort he would have been just as deserving as Weidman, but he didn't. So Weidman got the shot because of that.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it now. Anderson has balls for taking this fight. By the sporting aspect of it, sure he should have accepted the fight right after Weidman crushed Munoz. However, this is MMA where your earning potential is a closing window and he really didn't need to.

  • Every time A.Silva fights I hope he will lose I wonder why, he is the greatest fighter of all time.

  • He "owes" Weidman his shot, plain and simple. Weidman is the #1 contender and Silva is champ, so they fight, end of story. Getting tired of this Silva elitist crap.

    • Either fight Weidman and defend your belt, or give the strap up. That's the way it should be, always. None of this "I'll fight him, but not him" garbage.

  • Yeah, finishing Dan Henderson, Chael twice, and Okami has totally exposed Silva's inability to stop wrestling. Dunce.

  • There goes another one on a blabbering spree, just like Cheal Sonnen.

    • After seeing the full interview, I take my words back. I guess i got a little ahead of myself here!

  • I think Weidman will surprise many people, after reading many articles from UFC fighters @ MW & LHW, they have all talken highly about Weidman & how he could do much damage @ LHW as well. He will take Silva down, thats guaranteed, he's a bigger, stronger & better Sonnen, not to mention he's much younger. But I think Weidman should have taken 1 fight before the Silva fight, b/c he hasn't fought in such a long time. I think Weidman could have given Silva real good run after his fight vs. Munoz, b/c he was injury free & he had fought 3 times in less than a year or something close to that. But now he's been out for a long time, had major shoulder surgery & his 1st fight back is vs. Silva …. OUCH!

    It's the same thing as Belfort, he was out for 18 month or so, due to multiple injuries, include ring rust, makes for a tough comeback, but then you fight Silva …. it was such a lose, lose for Belfort. Which is why if he wins his next fight, then Belfort deserves to fight Silva again.