Chris Weidman Says He Was Never In Awe of Anderson Silva


UFC middleweight title contender Chris weidman appears at the UFC 162 open workouts to discuss his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity against longtime champion Anderson Silva. He addresses the high level of confidence that UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has in him, noting that GSP saw him implement his entire gameplan last summer against Mark Munoz. 

Weidman notes that he admired Anderson Silva in the past, but was never in awe of him. He beleives that doing so would be to admit defeat, and he has the utmost belief that he will emerge victorious. 

Weidman also believes that while Chael Sonnen may have exposed Anderson’s perceived weakness in terms of wrestling, each fight is it’s own animal and this will be no different. He thinks that his mentality, coupled with his high-level wrestling and jiu-jitsu, will be the deciding factor in this blockbuster title bout.

When MMA H.E.A.T. asked him about his detractors, Weidman simply replied,

“Just watch on July 6th.”

Truth be told, I haven’t actually seen moany people pick against Weidman. There are many more supporters than detractors for him in this bout, which is quite amazing considering he’s fighting arguably the greateest of all time. An interviewer noted that he looked lean, to which Weidman stated that his weight cut went very well and he feels outstanding.

Weidman thinks the UFC should not do away with Fight Night Bonuses. Check out the full interview and open workout below:


  • Good article as always Mike but lol @ "moany"…"greateest"
    Saturday better get here soon. That's the problem with visiting an MMA site regularly, you get hyped out before the fights. I just hope they deliver.

  • I could admit I am in awe of Silva's technique and still fight with the true belief in my heart that I can win…careful not to become too fake Chris. You know you aspire to be that good at martial arts one day. Not just on paper, or in choreographed moves, but flowing like water in real life. You can and may defeat him, but dont lie, he pulls off some awesome stuff, and that is why millions are in awe, including yourself.

    • Weidman is in denial, that's all. His mouth is only writing checks that his body can't cash.

  • @ 1:30…Matt had a rib taken out ? Did they clone a woman or something. Should we call Matt…Adam now ?!?!

  • I have to agree with UrHype i mean TJBad13 damn it, i mean ENTITYS comment. I.M. comment was awsome & da homie U.Geezy is spot on. GSP & Fael has this youngsta all gassed up, hell i semi admire his moxy but shut up already.

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  • How can you NOT be in awe of silva when he does those crazy matrix like moves to dodge his opponents strikes? The stuff he has done is just ridiculous.

  • this guy is full of b.s. i can't wait till silva puts him to sleep