Chris Weidman: It’s Going To Be Easier The Second Time


Many fans believe that when Anderson Silva’s knockout loss to current UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman was the product of Silva’s propensity for clowning around in the Octagon, that he wasn’t able to lull Weidman into playing his game like all of his other opponents did. Those same fans probably expect Silva to come into his UFC 168 rematch with Weidman on December 28, 2013, with a different mindset, tightening up his game so to avoid the overconfidence that got him destroyed.

However, Weidman is not one of these believers. He recently appeared on MMA Junkie Radio to discuss his hopes that “The Spider” comes into the monumental rematch angry, because he’ll then have the longtime former champion right where he wants him:

“People say that he’s going to get pissed off, and it’s going to be this whole new Anderson Silva – it’s going to be easier. I’m very happy with the situation, and it’s exactly where I thought I was going to be, and it’s time to prove myself again on (Dec.) 28, so I’m excited.”

It’s hard to say which Silva will show up, and if there even is a different version of the confident, unorthodox, and fluid striker that we’ve seen mow down countless foes in the past. But Weidman doesn’t believe that Silva has another gear, and seems rather certain that the outcome will be similar to their first fight in July:

“He wouldn’t be so good just putting his hands up and looking like a typical Thai boxer. You know what the guy is going to do more if he’s doing that. He likes to come from different angles from his hands down. Trust me, he’s not coming in like you think he’s going to be coming in.”

“That’s why it makes for a perfect rematch, because so many people just can’t believe [Silva] really lost, and he was trying. They figure that’s how he fights in every one of his fights, and it works in every one. I was just able to capitalize on it. People just can’t believe – that he could lose two fights in a row.”

That could be a very real possibility at the MGM Grand Garden Arena come December, or we could see Silva’s loss to Weidman as a temporary aberration should he regain the belt. Either way, Weidman seems supremely confident in his overall game, perhaps even more so than he was prior to UFC 162. That’s saying a lot, because “The All American” had a huge amount of interviews where he claimed he would be the next champ with an air of certainty that we’d never seen from one of Silva’s opponents.

Turns out his doubters were the crazy ones for thinking he couldn’t win. Who is your pick to win arguably the biggest rematch in UFC history?

Outer Photo: Jayne Kamin Oncea of USA Today Sports

  • Hoping Wideman, betting Anderson.

    Epic kiss and make up pic

    • Im doing the opposite. Bet Wideman (since hes probably going to be the underdog) and cheer for Anderson. Ill win either way, Silva wins then Ill happily lose $50 to watch him regain his title, he loses and at least I get some money out of it.

    • Glad you think its epic tinker bell. It made me throw up a little in my mouth.

  • Ivy

    Weidmann has Anderson's number.

    • Thats it Sport, keep telling yourself & your faithful fans that its going to be easier on the 28th.

      • Dont let them get too you Hate, your force is stronger than that.

  • It's time for the A.S, MW Champ, to put this guy in his place.

  • Heh, yeah!
    Andys leg kicks from Silva looked pretty good , i would say, we might be seeing more of that. Though, I think Weidman will look for a takedown again.

  • I think Weidman is just playing mind games. Of course he is confident. He was even before beating Silva but I doubt he would stupid enough to believe what he actually says. It's like Sonnen believing himself. Some of what he says is correct in that Silva will fight like Silva and that his fans can't accept Silva got beat fair and square but I doubt for a heartbeat he thinks it will be any easier. Silva will be less cocky and does possess the best striking in MMA which is what makes him so successful. His all round game has weaknesses both on the ground and as Weidman showed standing too, but none the less it only takes Silva to land clean once to end a fight and Weidman knows this. This will be just as tough if not tougher than the first because Silva now knows Weidman cannot be mocked in the octagon without risking losing the fight himself.

    Still, I hope Weidman does beat him a second time just to shut up the clingons.

  • Awkward kiss.. Anderson does some weird stuff, gotta love the guy. Hopefully he doesn't throw another shoulder strike at the weigh-in. Weirdo.

    • That shoulder strike was preceded by some epic trash talk by Sonnen up to and including talking **** about Anderson's wife. There will be no shoulder strike this time.

      • After the kiss, maybe next time A.S. will just drop to his knees………..and praise him, yeahhhh thats it.

      • That is true. It was still a jerk move though. Anderson acts like a child sometimes.

  • To me there is only one x factor in this. Anderson just got KOd for the first time at nearly 40. I have to think that with all the shots he's eaten and shrugged off that this says more than Wiedman hits hard. Bonnar hits hard too. Years of taking shots eventually makes a fighter prone to KOs. If he hasn't become prone to KOs I see no way this kid beats him again. Up until the final flurry their was nothing in that fight that looked any different than any other Silva V Wrestler fight. Clipping a man once, even in devastating fashion, is not "having Silva's number" as some have claimed. The majority of the other standing strikes Chris landed were when Silva stood there and allowed himself to be hit like he did against Bonnar. Silva wins this fight with ease via t(ko) in the first or second round if he is still healthy. If not I think he gets his second KO loss. Hope his "chin" is still intact.

    • Anderson has taken VERY LITTLE shots in his career… throughout most of his career the majority of his opponents failed to connect, so i highly doubt he's affected in any way by any of that. He just got CAUGHT… CLEAN.. on the chin and most importantly did not see it coming and was off balance while catching it (oh and Weidman got some power)…

      Anyway i agree, Silva by (T)KO with ease… and that's the end of it.

      • I bet you dont see Anderson letting anyone simply hit him again to look like a tough guy. hahaha

  • Anderson will be submitted this time…Machida future MW Champ!

  • Maybe I'm the only one that noticed how fluid Weidman was coming into the first round. His standup looked great. Mostly it was his movement and he never stayed still, just kind of flowed into the steps he took. His standup was absolutely on point. In the second round Silva started getting the better of CW but it was not by such a wide margin that anyone should say Anderson just has it in the bag if he doesn't act stupid. He was dropping his hands during the time when he was landing the most. And when he got caught. It's always been a gamble. Normally at that point in a fight Anderson has already mentally beat his opponent. However if the other guy is still focused. And has at least decent striking, he just might land that shot before Silva does.

  • @-Brasil-

    That would be interesting if Machida dropped down to 185. I think even if Anderson loses they should have him fight Jones after that.

  • Nice photo.

    This place is quickly going from a MMA news site, to a MMA Jerry Springer level editorial website.

  • weidman will win again. the "magic" of AS is past. he will never be the same. but he will remain as one of the greatest of all time.

  • JEH

    One word. Cardio. Weidman lacks. Round two he was breathing through his mouth and came nowhere close to getting the takedown. Weak me all you want but deep down you know that if Silva takes the fight seriously he wins

    • Bang on target mate. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw Weidman in the second round. I don't think Weidman is as skilled as people make him out to be. Yes, he beat Silva fair and square but his performance was very average, both in the first and the second round.

  • Here's hoping we get another Buster Douglas moment from Weidman. And if not, meh oh well back to business as usual.

  • I see Anderson Silva K.O Weidman out cold in the first round…If Weidman can take Anderson down and he probably will, then his K.O awaits him in the second round…Revenge is best served on a cold plate…

  • So if Anderson knocks out Chris, do you guys think there will be a Re-Match for Chris? Since this Rematch is technically for Anderson? Like the Cain vs Junior Trilogy?

    • Very likely and that will be one of the best trilogies of all times.

  • Everybody is ready for a striking match. CW should throw AS (include second 's' if you wish) on the ground and submit him.

  • It's going to rain here today, and Im going to the POOL! HA!

  • D

    Even if he's right, that definitely seems like the wrong mindset to go into a fight with.