Chris Weidman Doesn’t Want Everybody to See That He’s Fat


UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman pulled off arguably the most shocking upset in UFC history when he knocked out longtime king Anderson Silva at this summer’s UFC 162. It was a surprise for sure, but no one can argue that Weidman wasn’t deemed as the man with the best chance at dethroning ‘The Spider.’

Now Weidman will put the belt on the line in the main event of December’s UFC 168 in the biggest rematch to ever grace the Octagon. Weidman will be riding the momentum of his newfound fame, and he discussed how his life has recently changed with Fighters Only:

“Probably the craziest time of my entire life. I guess I expected it to be like this, and it’s definitely what I wanted, but it definitely went over what I was expecting. ??“Just getting noticed everywhere I go now, that’s still weird, especially for me. No matter where I’ve been, I’ve been noticed and spotted, and it’s been fun. It’s extra responsibility though too. I’m desperately trying not to eat like crazy, because I don’t want everybody to see that I’m fat. I don’t want people looking and thinking, ‘Is that the champ? How fat is that guy? I can’t believe he makes 185.’”

Some lighthearted words from the champ, who never seems to get too amped up during interviews. He does have a certain unwavering confidence about his abilities while never being too over-the-top, a rare quality in top-level fighters these days.

Weidman could potentially be a picture-perfect champion for the UFC. He’s got the  “All-American” nickname and trains under Matt Serra, who owns the other most shocking KO in UFC history. All of this should lead up to overwhelming popularity, but many still think he’s only holding onto the belt for Silva.

Are you one of those people? Or will Weidman silence the doubters if he can stick to his diet in the coming months?