Cheick Kongo: I Am On Good Terms With The UFC


Since Cheick Kongo‘s first round KO loss at the heavy right hand of ‘Big Country’, a lot has happened for the French Giant. Rumours started circulating that Kongo, who holds an 18-8 record and is 3-2 in his last five, had been cut from the organization in which he holds an impressive 11 wins. It would seem as though Kongo himself has a different point of view, as he recently expressed over his facebook page:

“Don’t believe he said- she said stories, I have not been cut by the UFC. I am Cheick Kongo so I know BEST what’s NEXT for me. It doesn’t mean that I am leaving the UFC, it doesn’t mean that I am staying, it means this is my LIFE.”

You’ll have to excuse the shoddy translation from French, but you get the point. Kongo continued:

“Do not believe what we tell you. I am in the best position to know what happened to my career in the UFC. AND do not worry. For the moment, be aware that in no case the UFC not dismissed me and I am on very good terms with the American organization.”

It would seem rather harsh that the UFC would cut the Heavyweight who has landed the most strikes and spent the most amount of time in the octagon after just one straight loss. Perhaps Kongo is merely taking a hiatus to have some family time or maybe he is planning on going back to the drawing board.

Whatever the case it would appear that we haven’t seen the last of Cheick Kongo in the UFC, stay tuned to Lowkick for more news as it comes in!

  • they won't cut him, because he's from france.

    • I don't know why this seems funny,

      • i dont know why i get so many weaks. it's ufc's only draw in france, that's why they cut him.

  • Cut or not, Kongo is fighting to stay relevant.

  • The story, "The emporers new clothes" – is a bit like Kongo's fight career… there seems to be a story of him as a fighter, yet when you see him fight there is no fighter, just a big juiced up, very nice and obviously intelligent guy.

    I have nothing against Kongo – in fact I'm glad to be relieved of the stress of watching someone who has no idea how to protect chin, or use his range effectively enough to keep people on the end of his long limbs.

  • if the UFC want to get into France then having a guy like Kongo is a good idea along with guys like GSP.

  • GSP is from Canada, not France. I know he's speaks French but I doubt the French view Canadians in the same light as themselves. Kongo on the other hand is probably 10 times more popular than GSP in France, maybe.