Cheick Kongo And Don Frye Talk Modern MMA And Alvarez vs. Chandler II


Most fans remember Don Frye for his legendary brawl against Yoshihiro Takayama at Pride 21, a scrap that earned fight of the year for 2002. Frye went on to fight until the ripe old age of 45, fighting for smaller promotions such as Shark Fights and Gladiator Challenge.

‘The Predator’ eventually called it quits after getting knocked silly by Ruben Villareal, retiring with a 20-9-1 (1nc) record. Notable wins include two UFC victories against Gary Goodridge, a submission win against Tank Abbott, and a gritty decision over Ken Shamrock in Pride.

Frye appeared with fromer UFC, and current Bellator fighter Cheick Kongo in a recent interview with Karyn Bryant. The trio caught up in the aftermath of Bellator 106, and discuss some pretty cool subjects. Check out the video below, courtesy of our good friends at MMAHeat, and stay tuned to Lowkick!


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  • Don Fry looks like he been watching "Urban Cowbow" a little too much..

    • He's always been a Cowboy homie.

  • Horrible, waste of 10mins!

    • awww, just think, you could have used those 10 minutes to find a sense of humor.

      • You are right, but there was no sense in this humor.

  • If you guys thought Rampage was a bit iffy in interviews just go watch some of Don Fryes stuff from the This guy is as manly and testosterone fueled as any man can get. If more people knew about him he would take Chuck Norris place for man jokes.

    • He's a tough as nails. I give him a pass when it comes to calling some fighters sissys. He never played safe and always fought till the end. We know things werent as technical back then, but he dude came to throw down.

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