Check Out This Awe-Inspiring Behind-The-Scenes Look At UFC Fight Night 46


UFC Fight Night 46 went down in Dublin, Ireland, providing fans with an absolutely amazing evening of fights. I still see the free night of fights that transpired on July 19, 2014, as one of the best events I have ever witnessed, and I wasn’t even there. The atmosphere was something else, and the fights all came together like a preformed puzzle.

There was something in the air that night, you could feel it all week. The weigh-ins were so intense, even the pre-fight open workouts just had this insurmountable momentum, a line of pure adrenaline felt like it was being fed through my arteries. Still to this day, I struggle to put in to words how the event made me feel.

I have Irish blood, and that night brought out the Paddy in me. Conor McGregor made the UFC come to Dublin, and Dublin made the UFC that night. Check out the amazing video made by Michael Morgan, for Whoa TV, and look behind the scenes at Fight Night 46: McGregor vs. Brandao. I promise, it will have your hairs standing on end.